So, it’s your first time in Vegas? Perfect! We can help you plan a trip.

Vegas is a place unlike any other city in the world. Where else can you go from Paris’ Eiffel Tower, to the canals of Venice, to downtown New York City in just a few blocks? With endless possibilities, knowing what to bring to Vegas isn’t always straightforward. But we’re here to help you prepare and be your checklist’s jump-start to think of the things you may not have thought of! Alright, let’s do this!

Your trip starts on the plane. If you want to arrive feeling your best, prepare to hit the town. Here are a few travel ideas to get you started on the right foot.

− Lip balm, earplugs, hand sanitizer, eye drops

The climate here (as well as on airplanes) is very dry, so be sure to keep your lips, hands and eyes moisturized.

− Leave space in your carry-on and suitcase for souvenirs.

Vegas is almost overwhelming with shopping opportunities, from small souvenir shops to high-end fashion retailers, so you’ll want some extra space.

− If you don’t have an eye mask, get one.

Trust us, you’ll want one for the trip home.

− Buy Wi-Fi on the plane and make reservations ahead.

As long as you’re sitting there buckled into an airplane seat, make use of your time by exploring your countless dining options. If you want to eat where you want to eat, and you don’t want to wait, reservations are a must.

− Bring an external phone battery.

People go through their phone batteries at high speed around here. The typical phone battery has trouble keeping up with a long, busy day in Vegas.

Sure, Vegas has its reputation, but sometimes the biggest mistake you can make is coming to town unprepared. This is a city where literally anything can happen if you want it to, so be prepared for everything, because it might just occur.

− Shoes for walking, shoes for show

We can’t emphasize this enough. Be prepared with the proper and appropriate footwear. Visitors can do a lot of walking around here, from strolling the Strip to hiking the surrounding areas, so you’ll need the right shoes. But then, there are nice restaurants and clubs where hiking gear won’t quite cut it. Pack smart and be prepared for both.

− Think neutral colors to go with your new stuff

You never know what’s going to catch your eye, so some neutral-colored clothing will help ensure that you can wear your new finds right away.

− Bathing suits

Yes, that’s a plural. Chances are good you’re going to want to hit the pool, and chances are even better that you’re going to want to go back again quickly.

− Bring a light sweater or blazer.

You read that right. You might just need a warm cover while you’re here. Oh, sure, it’s plenty warm outside, but the casinos are not stingy with the A/C, so be prepared.

− Your favorite little black dress, something sparkly, and/or the male equivalent

This may be the biggest no-brainer to pack besides your toothbrush. This is Vegas, baby! If you’re going to do it, do it right!

− Sun hat

It should be no surprise that the weather here tends to be warm and sunny. A good (and cute!) sun hat could be your most underrated trip-saver. Whether walking the Strip, sitting by the pool or out for a hike, keeping the sun off your head is key to keeping your energy level up so you can keep on going!

− Advil® and/or your favorite hangover cure

Just saying. You do what you want to do (and, of course, what happens here, stays here), but whatever you do, prepare accordingly.

What Happens Here, Stays Here

We live here, so we know Vegas is going to show you a good time. And we hope with these tips, Las Vegas will be a breeze. Have an amazing vacation. And, really, consider the eye-mask thing for the trip home. Keep planning at