You’ve likely seen the newest addition to the Vegas skyline; the Sphere. Upon it’s initial debut, it took over social feeds with videos of the curious emoji watching the street life in Vegas unfold. Or perhaps you’ve seen the hypnotic animations covering the massive exterior display.


You might see it from the plane as you approach the city, and you’ll see glimpses of it as you wander Las Vegas. It’s also become a mouthpiece of the current and the latest in Las Vegas, celebrating Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix winners as well as the Super Bowl.

Sphere Facts

  • Size: 366 feet high and 516 feet wide, spanning a total of 875,000 square feet
  • Capacity: Seats 18,600 people
  • Sound: Over 167,000 individually amplified loudspeakers
  • Cost: $2.3 billion
  • Time: Took 5 years to construct, opening September 2023

That’s a lot of numbers and they give you a sense of the scale of this monumental undertaking, but what does the Sphere experience feel like? It’s like nothing else. Consider a screen that envelops you in 270 degrees of visuals while filling your ears with immersive sound, the quality of which resets your baseline for what a show should sound like. Imagine you feel the wind off a mountain top or the vibration of the earth as an enormous elephant walks by. Think virtual reality without the headset. You’ve got to see it – experience it – for yourself.

Live Music Residencies at Sphere

Sphere opened with an extended residency by legendary rock band U2 in September 2023. The ever-evolving rockstars jumped at the opportunity to be the first to test drive its unique performance environment. The Edge, U2’s iconic guitarist, shares the following regarding the invitation to cut the ribbon for live concerts:

… the possibilities around immersive experiences in real and imaginary landscapes. In short, it’s a canvas of unparalleled scale and image resolution and a once-in-a-generation opportunity. We all thought about it and decided we’d be mad not to accept the invitation.

The band went on to perform a series of sold-out shows with astounding visuals and unleashed a tidal wave of FOMO over social from everyone who missed out.

With the U2 run winding down, the rumor mill is hot about who’s next. The genre-bending, improv-driven band Phish is already set to blow your mind with their spring 2024 residency, and Dead & Company – with John Mayer – are on the way, too. No matter who’s on stage, each show will be a custom coproduction with the artists. Expect to be surprised every single time.

Beyond Live Music: Other Ways to Experience Sphere

Tickets for live events are in high demand; it’s easier to get in for The Sphere Experience. Before the show, visit the futuristic atrium where you can interact with AI robots and get scanned for an avatar. Then surround yourself with a 50-minute film made especially for display on Sphere’s wraparound screen.

“Postcard from Earth” from filmmaker Darren Aronofsky was made with a camera developed especially for the high resolution demanded by Sphere’s display. This stunning tour of our planet takes you out into space, across snowcapped mountains, and deep into the tiniest details, all in celebration of the complex, beautiful ecosystem in which we live. You’ll see, hear and feel our planet in new and mind-blowing ways. For the best seats in the house, expedited entry, a private reception, and exclusive swag, spring for the director’s seats.

Just want to get a look at Sphere from the outside? You can drive past it, sure, but head to the Harrah's Las Vegas parking garage. Simply follow the signs to the designated Sphere viewing area.

Tips for a Better Experience

If you’re visiting this one-of-a-kind venue, you want to make the most of your time. Here are some tips to make your unforgettable experience easier and seamless.

  • Shows sell out fast. Hop on those tickets as soon as you can.

  • Double-check your seat choices before you buy your tickets to make sure you have a view you'll love.

  • Parking is limited. Take rideshare or public transit. If you drive, park at the nearby Wynn Las Vegas or The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, where there’s a handy walkway to Sphere. Allow for a 15- to 20-minute walk.

  • Go early for dinner and drinks and check out the on-site exhibits; you can avoid longer lines by doing this.

  • Check the bag rules, as there are size restrictions. Your phone is fine, but don’t bring a camera or other pro gear. Best plan? If it doesn’t fit in your pockets, leave it behind.

  • There are concession stands throughout the atrium, where you’ll find specialty cocktails, wine and beer, and a selection of stadium-style bites – think pizza, burgers and dogs, candy.  Don’t want to wait in line? There are some grab-and-go options with self-checkout stations.

Check this Sphere FAQ for more details on how to have the best possible experience when you visit.

You’ve got your Sphere plan made, how about the rest of your trip? Make time to experience the latest in top-notch Las Vegas dining, from casual food-court bites to dress-to-impress date-night events. To round out the rest of your adventure, here’s a planning guide to help you create the perfect Las Vegas vacation.