No matter what kind of entertainment you enjoy … lavish production shows, iconic singers, the world’s top magicians, hilarious comedy, variety shows, or something sexy and sensual, no place compares to Las Vegas.

There’s more going on here in any given night than most cities see in a month, or even a year. So how do you decide which shows to see and how to maximize your Las Vegas entertainment experience? Here are some ways to help ensure you make the most of our your next Las Vegas adventure.

Don’t limit yourself

In the same way that a Las Vegas buffet gives you the opportunity to enjoy the foods you like and at the same time, try something different – the Las Vegas entertainment scene is filled with shows you know you’ll enjoy, as well as shows you might not expect to amaze you. Don’t avoid a specific category of shows just because you aren’t sure what they are about.

You don’t have to be a hardcore fan of Michael Jackson or the Beatles to fall in love with those incredible Cirque du Soleil shows. You don’t have to love ventriloquism to be dazzled by the incredible talents and comedy of Terry Fator. Sure, you definitely want to enjoy your favorite forms of entertainment, but don’t be afraid to discover some potential new faves as well.

Take your experience to the next level

Ever wonder what goes backstage at Blue Man Group? Dying to take a photo with your favorite performer? Want to combine a great dinner with your show? Special meet-and-greet and VIP packages are available for many Las Vegas shows to turn your experience into an unforgettable one. Look into these options before you book!

Your concierge is your friend

Let’s say you’re the spontaneous type and find yourself on a quick retreat to Las Vegas, and you didn’t have time or desire to plan ahead.

If you’re staying at a major resort, take advantage of potential perks you may be eligible for just by being a guest there. Your concierge may be able to help you get discounted tickets to a show, even if it’s at a different resort within the same property group. A concierge wants to make every guest’s stay as satisfying as possible, so it never hurts to ask to see what they can do for you!

Beware of the “dark”

Even if you have a concierge available, there’s still something else to beware of … the “dark.” When a show is dark, it simply means there is no performance that day. Most shows have a set dark day (or days) each week, but for some popular Vegas entertainers (Penn & Teller, for example), their schedule can fluctuate based on availability. There are some shows that you can see every night thanks to rotating performers, etc. But especially with residencies (Gwen Stefani, etc.), many performances are only available on select dates.

It’s always showtime here, so make sure you give yourself the best possible experience and see why Las Vegas is truly the Entertainment Capital of the World!