Catering isn't just about the food ... it's about creating an experience.

That's what the catering and special events team at Wynn Las Vegas strives for with its creative spin on wedding dishes. See how they combine quality with originality to ensure every ceremony is unique and memorable. 


Kelly: My name is Kelly Bianchi. I'm the Executive Chef at Catering and Special Events at Wynn Las Vegas. The Wynn and Las Vegas are the perfect place to have a wedding because it's fun, high-energy and also has a very luxurious atmosphere. Here at the Wynn we offer a level of product and a quality of service that no one else on the Strip can offer. We source the best products throughout the city. The quality of product that we serve here in Catering and Special Events is the same quality of product that we're receiving for all of our fine dining restaurants. We have a lot of special dishes. One example would be our shellfish on ice, this is an individual ice carving that can be customized with your initials personalizing the event for the couple.

Patrice:  The cake we make at the Wynn no one of the cakes is the same. We customize pretty much all our cakes with attention to detail you can’t find anywhere else. We walk them through the whole process between when they come and they decide to have the wedding here, all the way to the day of. The cake is definitely the highlight of the day.

Kelly: We're constantly evolving. Every day is a new day and we're constantly challenging ourselves. There's no limitations. Whether we're servicing a group of five guests or five thousand we want to leave our guests with a memory that's going to last them for their entire lives.