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9 Unforgettable Las Vegas Wedding Venues

Forget everything you thought you knew about Las Vegas weddings—nowadays the venue options are as varied and imaginative as the resorts that line the world-famous Strip. From eye-catching nature…

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Two For One: Vegas Wedding AND Honeymoon

When is a wedding more than just a wedding? The answer’s easy – when it’s a Vegas wedding and honeymoon celebration all in one. Here in Vegas we have the perfect place not just to celebrate your love…

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Must See Las Vegas Wedding Venues

You’re engaged and it is officially time to start the wedding planning process! Whether you’re planning a grandiose ballroom wedding or desire an intimate affair, look no further than Las Vegas. With…

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The 2023 Las Vegas Wedding Guide

Las Vegas weddings aren’t only fun and memorable, they can also be a piece of (wedding) cake to plan due to the destination’s robust offerings and reputation as the Wedding Capital of the World. If…

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10 Outdoor Wedding Venues in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world, with chapels across the destination and, of course, in the spectacular resorts. But there’s more to Las Vegas than just glitz and glam, and you don’t…

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5 Sports-inspired Vegas Wedding Venues

The best parts of Vegas are experiences you won’t find anywhere else, and your wedding day is no exception. So find ways to fan out on your big day with these sports-inspired wedding venues. From…

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