When it comes to restaurants, some might say that “something’s gotta give.” You can’t have great prices, top quality and a lot of food, all in the same place. But in the land of possibilities, we have buffets that prove that logic to be completely wrong. Here are some of the best buffets in Las Vegas.


  1. Bacchanal Buffet

Just behind the Garden of Gods pool, you’ll find one of the top buffets in Vegas − the immaculate Bacchanal Buffet. Its sleek, upscale décor, with its bright, contemporary vibe, seems like the kind of thing you’d only find in an intimate, high-end brunch space. But this is much bigger … and filled with delectables. We dare you to try to make your way to the table without grabbing a searing meat chop or fresh-baked soufflé. The food is served on portioned plates, but don’t let that stop you from getting as much as you want. The chefs, led by Leticia Nunez, concoct 15 different specials daily, based on the season and whatever inspires them. Ask for those before you’re too full. Get in before 11 a.m. so you can partake in the freshly squeezed juices including watermelon, cucumber, carrot and more. Quality of food, uniqueness of service, overall ambiance, creativity of the chefs and variety give this place a five-star rating in our book.

  1. The Buffet at Wynn

Bright, cheery, energetic and, yet, still soothed is how you feel walking into the floral-forward, sweet-smelling Wynn Las Vegas buffet. You’re technically allowed to dress casually, but this place is no casual dining experience. You will actually see the chefs preparing the 120-dish spread at their live-action stations. Walk along the sleek marble floors to craft your charcuterie plate, or fill up on oysters. You might even be tempted to start with dessert − the deliciously overpowering scent of the fresh-baked patisseries and warm pastries is enough to tempt even the most conscientious eaters. While you’re searching for your selection, pay attention to the décor cues − gilded sausage hangs above the meat section, while gold-covered fish dangles above the seafood. The Buffet at Wynn deserves a solid five stars for its elaborate décor, chef-forward fare, energy, quality, and dessert selection.

  1. The Buffet at Bellagio

The gates of food heaven have opened up for you at the Bellagio. Royal columns, golden accents and a skylight atrium get you into a mindset for a full on food immersion. A team of chefs are on hand, preparing made-to-order (gluten-free, if you so desire) pancakes, seafood dishes, meats, seasonal vegetable, etc. If that doesn’t suit your group, ask for the Chef’s Table − an exclusive experience for $25 extra per person that sits up to 18 people. The lamb, table-carved prime rib, artisanal cheeses and house-made fondue for dipping fruit and marshmallows will make you forget forking up the extra cash. Or attend a Gourmet Dinner Friday or Saturday night to savor some of the world’s finest caviars, house-made blinis and hand-rolled sushi. This buffet gets five stars for its exclusive experiences, selection, quality, friendly and attentive service, and expertise.

  1. Makino

Founder and chef Kaku Makino knows how to bring the five-star experience to a lot of people at once. He spent decades practicing and perfecting Japanese cuisine. And even started a catering company in Tokyo, sometimes serving over 2,000 dishes a day. Makino is casual and comfortable, and has as much character as it has flavor − there’s a giant, purple octopus sculpture displayed on the wall. The display of fresh fish matches that vibrancy. Chef Makino allows only the best and finest crab, oysters, shrimp, traditional sushi, nigiri, udon, ramen and more to make its way onto his buffet line. This place gets all of our stars for the mastery, inviting nature, fresh selection, individual style and quality of service.


  1. Sterling Brunch

We might as well say it. This is the best brunch buffet in Las Vegas on a Sunday morning. BLT Steak hosts the extravagant experience in its sleek, dark marble accented space. Ask for a guided tour of the selection before you start on endless pours of Perrier-Jouet champagne. You’ll be greeted by a waiter or waitress in a tux who will try to hold your attention while you count every second you wait to indulge in this enticing display. If you can manage the wait, a basket of Gruyere cheese-flavored popovers will make their way to your table with the champagne. Then you're free to roam and graze on prime rib, lobster tail, fresh shucked oysters, king-sized crab legs, truffle mashed potatoes, custom omelets, and banana pudding. Sterling Buffet is indisputably a five-star buffet for its incredible service, exclusive experience, killer ambiance, delicious cuisine and high-quality ingredients.