The Las Vegas Aviators, Las Vegas’ longest running sporting institution, kicks off every season at Las Vegas Ballpark located in Downtown Summerlin. Equipped with 10,000 seats, exciting amenities, elevated food options and many other surprises, here’s what you need to know about Las Vegas’ thrilling state-of-the-at facility.

Not Your Average Concession Stand
Forget watered-down beer and limp hot dogs. Las Vegas Ballpark’s menu is chock full of local favorites and elevated classics. Snack on your favorite items from places like Capriotti’s, The Goodwich, Me Gusta Tacos and Ferraro’s Ristorante, while cooling off with a Frosé (one of Giada’s signature frozen drinks) or a beer from Tanaya Creek Brewery. And don’t forget the hot dogs. The upgraded and exciting bacon-wrapped dog with unexpected topping choices is a game-changer thought up by Sparrow + Wolf chef, Brian Howard.

Enjoy the Suite Life
When you want that luxury ballgame experience, it’s no surprise that Las Vegas goes above and beyond. If you really want to do a baseball game Vegas-style, watch it unfold just beyond the left-center fence, from the pool. Accommodating up to 50 people with cabanas, lounge chairs and the crystal-clear water, is there any better way to witness the action? Inside the ballpark, the club level is equipped with a private entrance, elevator and restrooms, all of which are climate controlled. The gameday suites can be rented by the game and can accommodate 18, 36 or 54 guests. If that’s not enough, the party decks, kids’ zone and numerous bars will provide a game experience that is unlike any other ballpark in the world.

You Won’t Miss a Thing
You’ll never miss a second of the game, thanks to the 31-foot high and 126-foot wide big screen. The Daktronics video board will showcase all the live action, instant replays, animations and more during the games. Plus, on off nights, the ballpark will screen movies for Summerlin residents and visitors.

Upgraded Player Amenities
It’s not just the fans who will be treated to the finer things in life. The players will enjoy amenities that are rarely found in any ballpark in the country. Las Vegas Ballpark features indoor batting cages, a weight room and a rehabilitation center among other upgraded facilities to keep the team in tip-top playing shape.

Ongoing Promotions
Fans have come to expect the fun promotions that come alongside a minor league baseball game, and Las Vegas Ballpark will uphold the tradition. From $2 beer night (on Thursdays) to free Aviators sunglasses, shirts, jerseys and more, the promotion schedule will keep fans coming back week after week to collect the one-of-a-kind swag.

Admire the View
For those serious about keeping their head in the game, the Las Vegas Ballpark offers end-to-end walkability. With virtually 360-degree seating, you can watch the action from every angle, including just beyond left field behind the home run wall. From the stadium seats, fans can also admire the scenic beauty of Red Rock Canyon or the iconic landmarks on the Strip.

Beat the Heat
Don’t let the heat deter you from enjoying America’s favorite pastime this summer. The Las Vegas Ballpark was crafted with desert weather in mind, complete with mesh-seating to ultimate comfort and fan circulation to combat the high temperatures. So, sit back and enjoy the game.

Prime Location
Because the Las Vegas Ballpark is located near Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, there is plenty to do both before and after the game. Whether lounging at the pool, grabbing dinner and cocktails, or enjoying live entertainment afterwards, you’ll be in the thick of it. As a perfect central meeting place, and adjacent to where the Vegas Golden Knights practice at City National Arena, catching a baseball game can easily turn into an all-day (and night) affair.

Free Parking
As one of the biggest perks to locals and visitors alike, Las Vegas Ballpark will offer free parking. Beyond the parking around Downtown Summerlin and nearby the ballpark, Red Rock Resort will also offer free garage parking to fans. Another reason why catching a game (or several) this summer is a must for every baseball fan.

With all these amenities, it’s sure to be a good time. We can’t wait to see you there!