It's the biggest day of your life. Sure, camera pics are great, and cool filters and lenses are fun, but this is the one time you don't want to limit yourself to posting on an app that erases everything in 24 hours.


These memories need to last a lifetime. Fortunately, when it comes to creating a picture-perfect wedding, Las Vegas has experienced photographers that can capture every moment for eternity. See how Paul Block and Lisa Warner of Paul’s Vegas Photography can turn a wedding into the ultimate compilation of memories ... an album you'll treasure forever. 



Paul: My name is Paul Bloch. I’m a photographer in Las Vegas.

Lisa: Lisa Werner, a photographer in Las Vegas.

Paul: Being wedding photographers, you have to have a lot of patience. We are the calm in the storm, when you get us, you just don’t get photographers, you get somebody that’s going to help you through your entire day.

Lisa: Thing that we enjoy the most is that we get meet people from all over the world.

Paul: When Lisa and I started shooting together, we found out that when we both do it, it’s a lot less stressful. When we’re at a wedding, she knows to step out of my shot; I know to step out of her shot. We basically never need to speak to each other during a ceremony.

Lisa: Paul and I just go above and beyond, and we just want the client to get the final product that they’re expecting.

Paul: We’re shooting to create an album, because we believe that’s the end result of our product. Las Vegas is the perfect destination for a wedding, because you have everything here. We have wedding chapels, we have fantastic venues. We have beautiful scenery. If you want to do a nature wedding, there’s Red Rock, Valley of Fire. We have everything here.

Lisa: Photography really has not changed from way back.

Paul: Good photography will always be appreciated. I’m not saying that we’re the best photographers from Las Vegas; we’re just the best team.