Ri Ra Las Vegas
Ri Ra Las Vegas
The Place
Ri Ra Las Vegas brings a line-up of live music, drink list and Irish fare that defies pub standards. Restored in Ireland and shipped to the US, Ri Ra embodies everything that you would expect from a genuine Irish pub. Ri Ra comes from "Ri Ra agus Ruaile Buaile", a phrase translating roughly as divilment, good fun or any sociable activity that improves with food, a pint of Guinness or dram of Uisce Beatha (whiskey). Ri Ra can be defined as a place or state where exuberance and revelry prevail, where music and merriment compete and conversation flows smooth as the Guinness ebbs in the glass.
  • Hours of Operation: 8am - 12am
  • Group Dining: yes
  • Price: $ - under $15
  • Meals Served: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Max Seating Capacity: 210
  • Max Standing Capacity: 750