Magic shows have been central to Las Vegas entertainment for decades, astonishing audiences with thrilling stunts, awe-inspiring sleight-of-hand and so much more. With so many kinds of acts currently playing in the destination, from illusionists to mind-readers, what show—or shows—will you choose to see? This handy list of the current lineup gives you the details you want to know about everything magic in Las Vegas.



David Copperfield

Known for combining charming storytelling with his death-defying illusions, David Copperfield astounds nightly in his show at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. The spectacular showman is known for pulling off the ultimate magic trick, the death saw, in which he escapes from being sawed in half by a rotary blade.


Mat Franco

Season 9 winner of America’s Got Talent, Mat Franco is known for small and large-scale stunts that defy and delight—think disappearing cell phones and amazing card tricks with a side of personality that inspires joy just as much as awe. Catch him in his Magic Reinvented Nightly show at The LINQ Hotel & Promenade.

Card Tricks

Shin Lim

A two-time winner of America’s Got Talent, Shin Lim captured the country with masterful sleight of hand—and maybe a little mind-reading! His artistic take on the card trick is something to behold, which you can do during his LIMITLESS show at The Mirage.

Jen Kramer

While Jen Kramer can amaze with a deck of cards, the magician also is known for mind-boggling tricks like turning dollar bills into Benjamins. Add some mentalism and comedy to the cards, and that’s a magical night at The Magic of Jen Kramer at Westgate Las Vegas.


Performance Magic

Criss Angel

Recognized internationally for his amazing artistry, Criss Angel once even completed one of Harry Houdini’s famous tricks—escaping from chains while being submerged in a tank of water. With pyrotechnics, visual effects and visionary magic, Criss Angel’s MINDFREAK show at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino is sure to leave you astonished.


The Mentalist

Talented at much more than mind-reading, Gerry McCambridge brings mentalism, magic tricks and comedy together in The Mentalist. Watch him inspire awe—and maybe shoot himself in the head with a nail gun—at Miracle Mile ShopsSaxe Theater inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.


Comedy Magic

Nathan Burton

Nathan Burton has been bringing his signature brand of family-friendly magic to the Las Vegas Strip for years. Combining incredible illusions with comedy bits that will have you laughing out loud, his Nathan Burton Comedy Show at Miracle Mile ShopsSaxe Theater inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino is a wholesome and hilarious magical experience.


Penn & Teller

Long-running headliners Penn & Teller truly can’t be confined to one category, as their mix of large-scale illusions and sleight-of-hand amazes audiences at Rio Las Vegas. It’s their signature comedic approach to magic that has made them a beloved fixture in Las Vegas, so be ready to laugh—in between being mystified.

Piff the Magic Dragon

While Piff the Magic Dragon is the star of his show at Flamingo Las Vegas, it might be his sidekick—Mr. Piffles, a magic-performing chihuahua—that steals the show. With a Las Vegas showgirl by the duo’s side, this show is a side-splitting mix of comedy and magic.


Mac King

Incorporating sleight-of-hand with audience participation—all while delivering his quick wit—Mac King has become a beloved fixture of the magic scene in Las Vegas. Catch him in the Mac King Comedy Magic Show at Excalibur Hotel and Casino, wherein you might see the magician catch live goldfish out of thin air and make his head completely disappear!


Mind-Reading & Hypnosis

Paranormal Mind Reading Magic Is mentalism pure magic, fabulous detective skills or the paranormal? You’ll never know at Paranormal at Horseshoe Las Vegas, where mentalist Frederic Da Silva shows off his mind-reading powers that will most certainly perplex.

With its variety of acts, Las Vegas might be the most magical city in the world. Whether you want to see objects—maybe even people—disappear or witness a mentalist read your friend’s mind, there’s always a magic show playing for you in The Entertainment Capital of the World. Start planning your trip to Vegas now—and don’t forget to get some tickets to the spectacular shows, make reservations at a world-class restaurant and check out the latest events and attractions!