This is Las Vegas like you’ve never seen it before! Lake Las Vegas, that is.


The Destination Wedding You Never Knew You Needed

When you think of a destination wedding, Vegas may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it should be! Seriously, have you seen these photos? Forget Florida or the Caribbean, you can get the same beachy vibes for a fraction of the cost without losing out on one ounce of luxury. Imagine feeling the sand underneath your feet, listening to the rustle of palm trees in the breeze, and warming your skin in the sun all with the bright lights and good times of Las Vegas only half an hour away. That’s what it feels like attending a wedding at Reflection Bay at Lake Las Vegas. So if you’re looking for a show stopping ceremony on the sand, don’t miss out on this elegant waterfront wedding venue.

Get The Beach Wedding Without The Beach Cost

You can have the destination wedding of your dreams without having to deal with all the trouble and costs of leaving the country or booking a flight to a more common coastal state. Standing on the shore and looking out at the glistening waters of Lake Las Vegas, you would never believe you were in the middle of the desert. Usually, planning a destination wedding is nothing short of exasperating. The flights, coordinating with your loved ones, and budgeting for any additional costs, are all on top of planning a wedding! This oasis in the sand offers the same warm, tropical aesthetic but planning and prep is a breeze. No more laboring over budget spreadsheets and trying to hack your way into a cheaper flight. With Las Vegas, you can get all the benefits of a waterside destination wedding with none of the drawbacks — no passports, no big price tags, and all the flight options you and your guests could ever need.


The Most Convenient Waterside Wedding You’ve Ever Heard Of

Have you ever heard the joke about the couple that decided to have a destination wedding because they didn’t want any of their invites to actually come? Well, you won’t have that problem in Vegas. (So, if that is your goal maybe choose somewhere less convenient and fun.) Your guests have no excuse not to show, between the huge number of affordable flights and hotels and the sheer amount of available activities, Las Vegas may be a wedding for you, but it’s also a convenient vacation for them! Nearly wed- and guest-approved, how could you go wrong? Plus, everyone knows that happy guests mean better wedding presents (just saying).


There’s So Much To Do — Your Guests Will Love It

There’s a lot more to Vegas than the Strip, even if you don’t know it yet. That famous Vegas stretch may be exciting, but if you’re willing to get out of the center of town then you’ll be privy to one of the most stunning wedding destinations in the world. And the Strip will be there waiting for you when you’re done living it up in the sun and sand! Just a short drive away, you can easily go from your bachelor/bachelorette party in the city’s classic hotspots to the shoreside wedding of your dreams. Normally, beach weddings have little to offer behind the seclusion of the shore. But Lake Las Vegas offers the same waterside wedding of your dreams with a huge variety of additional offerings mere minutes away: restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and museums. What’s not to love?


Easily accessible and unforgettably gorgeous, Lake Las Vegas is an oasis that will transport you and your guests to an island-mindset with nearby options galore and none of the usual hassles.