There’s a time, sometimes, in the middle of the night when you really don’t even know the time. But it feels like your time − the crowds have thinned and the planned portion of the night is over. The clock seems to be telling you that morning is coming soon – so why sleep now? But it’s been some number of hours since dinner and it’ll be some number of hours until breakfast. And you’re hungry. Crazy hungry. Food needs to happen. Now.

It takes time to hunt down the perfect late-night meal in a new city. Here’s a guide to restaurants open late in Las Vegas that will save you valuable chow time.


You’re with a big, close-friends group. You don’t mind sharing with these peeps because you know you can fight for what you want. But, honestly, you don’t care what you eat. You all know you’re gonna pass out after, wake up in a couple hours, and eat it cold for breakfast. It's the ultimate late night food in Las Vegas.

Secret Pizza

  • This hidden eatery has a classic music vibe. But it’s not on the directory. You can ask where it is, but more points if you find it yourself. You can walk up and grab a slice of its white pizza, or take out whatever kind you want to eat in your room.

Evel Pie

  • This downtown spot is a total tribute to Evel Knievel and good pizza. Besides the delicious Goblin Sausage pizza, giant hot pocket calzones and its Led Zeppole cannolis, you’ll find tons of stickers, 1970s daredevils and retro games. (Side note: A New Yorker on Yelp said that this is the best pizza they’ve ever had. Just saying.)

Pizza Rock

  • This pizza place is also downtown. It has a place to walk up and grab some to-go food. But if you’re here, you might as well hang out. Its crafty pizza meets chill vibes. On the weekends, you can catch the music, usually DJs.



Tacos are a simple situation. You had dinner before. But then you had tequila. And now you need tacos.

Taco Bell Cantina

  • Taco Bell on the Strip is one of the fanciest ever. It’s two stories, has a patio, VIP lounge and DJ booth. But don’t worry. It still serves the classics along with beer and twisted freezes. If you’re interested in Taco Bell behind-the-scenes, you can watch people make your food. And if you’re interested in making lifelong commitments, you can get married.

Tacos El Gordo

  • The word “authentic” may not mean much at 4 a.m. But the visual of a good-portioned, Tijuana taco with crazy delicious meat, might stick with you. Adobada, carne asada, suadero … whatever you get, it’s gonna be satisfying. And don’t be surprised if you’re craving these things in a few days. It’s been said its tacos have addictive powers. 

El Dorado Cantina

  • If you want more of a sit-down experience, this place is about as upscale as it gets in the middle of the night. It promises the best ingredients possible (and we believe it). Kick back and let someone service up some legit guac, a chicken bowl and, of course, some tacos.




It’s a specific kind of late-night hunger. You went to a concert or live event (somewhere that made you move a lot). Maybe you ate before, but you’ve worked up a burger-sized appetite. This differs from a pizza hunger because you’re not in the mood to share.

Shake Shack

  • If you haven’t had Shake Shack, it’s a fresh, roadside-style burger. But this is different because you can get it on the Strip. Grab a classic ’Shroom burger, Shack Stack, hot dog, and personally customized frozen custard while you watch your fellow night owls ring in the new day.

White Castle

  • It invented the modern hamburger, so it knows what’s up. And it’s still pretty much the OG recipe. A White Castle craving is something very unique. You know when you have it and you know nothing else will do. Somehow, enjoying a national favorite is that much better when it’s on the Strip.


  • This is the place to go when you need simplicity. It’s been a long day … and night. You want the basics. But before you go, take a gander at the secret menu. There are some slight additions that can really enhance your burger experience. Start here: animal fries, double-double animal style. Oh … and get a hat.




Sometimes the details don’t matter. You just need a lot of food. You want options and portions. No restrictions. No questions. 24 hour restaurants in Las Vegas are essential knowledge. 


  • This old-school classic fits the bill. If you’re in the mood for that way-back-when-Vegas vibe, this is your place. But if you don’t care and just want the largest plate of food you’ve ever had, this is still your place. Try the streak and eggs, nachos, omelets, waffles or New York steak, and top it off with a sundae.

Pho Kim Long

  • Some say it’s the best Vietnamese/Chinese food in Chinatown. Whether you agree or not, there’s no debate that the pho comes in generous portions. And it’s incredible. At any time of the night. And they’ll bring you lots of garnishes to make your pho that much better. And while you’re at it, get the egg rolls.




You were out late, but other than that, it’s been a pretty mellow night. Maybe it’s a first date and you don’t want it to end. Or maybe you’ve been catching up with an old friend. These places give you a classy atmosphere (at least by 3:30 a.m. standards).

Grand Lux

  • If you’re staying at The Venetian, this one’s a no brainer. It’s right downstairs from your room. It’s all-night, sit-down service, and will continue to impress whoever you’re impressing. There’s a huge menu with lots of breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Freedom Beat

  • This is the brain child of Hell’s Kitchen champ, chef Scott Commings. He wanted to create a cool, casual atmosphere for food and music lovers. And we’d agree he succeeded. If you’re not ready to call it a night, you’ll be excited to hear about the 2-5 a.m. happy hour. And there’s live music most nights (but, usually before 11 p.m.).

It may be late. But this is Vegas. There are plenty of places to get 24-hour food in Las Vegas, where and when you need it. Go, eat, and enjoy the hours that most of us don’t get to!