Do you really want to spend another minute doing the same old thing, or are you ready for an adventure? When you’re in Las Vegas, everything is a little brighter, a lot more exciting, and a ton of fun. Don’t waste another second in the real world. Banish boredom and head to Vegas.

Wednesday Happy Hour vs. Happy Hour at OMNIA
You could go to your neighborhood happy hour and see and be seen by the same people, or you could come to Vegas, be totally anonymous, and enjoy one-of-a-kind cocktails, live DJ sets, and meeting people from all over the world.

Pro tip: Buy your tickets ahead of time, especially if you’re hoping to see a big headliner like Steve Aoki. 

Shopping vs. Personalized Shopping Experience
Sometimes, your local mall just doesn’t cut it. While it can point you in the direction of the bathroom or nearest department store, you know you’re looking for more. At The Shops at Crystals in Las Vegas, stylists can answer just about any question or concern, in multiple languages. The talented staff includes personal shoppers, on-site tailors and style specialists. For VIPs, they will even build pop-up shops in rooms and offer private shopping times − with champagne, of course.

Pro tip: Shopping and thinking of what you want to do for the rest of the day? Ask your Crystals stylist or sales associate to book dinner and show reservations for you. One less thing to think about. 

Driving a Minivan vs. Driving an Exotic Car
Your car is great, aside from the squeaky brakes, and the mysterious layer of cheerios and toys in the backseat. With SpeedVegas, you can drive models from Audi and Bentley, to Ferrari and Lamborghini. Leave your car in the driveway and get a taste of what it’s like to take laps (way above your neighborhood speed limit) in your dream ride.

Pro tip: Craving more of an adventure? You can head out to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and drive in a NASCAR. You’re in control behind the wheel so you can cross the finish line (and this experience off your bucket list).

Two-day-old Lasagna vs. Dinner at Giada
No insult to your family’s lasagna recipe, but on day three, you’re probably not crazy about it either. Toss your plastic containers and watch your meal get made fresh in Giada’s open kitchen. The Food Network star’s restaurant makes fresh pasta, bread and desserts, right in front of your eyes.

Pro tip: Ask to sit on the terrace, where windows wrap around, giving you an entire view of the Strip.

Watching Another Sequel at Your Local Theater vs. Sitting Front Row at a Cirque du Soleil Show
We’ve all been there − sitting behind the guy who blocks your entire view, or being elbow-to-elbow in a jam-packed theater. Treat yourself to a Cirque show, where you can get front-row seats to magic, and all the elbow room you need.

Pro tip: If you’re looking to go behind the scenes, LOVE, “O” and KA all offer insider access, allowing you to get tickets for a backstage tour and premium seating.