Beyond the headlining residencies and nightclubs with impressive rosters of famous DJs, Las Vegas is also home to many unique attractions. One of which is the gondola rides at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, an iconic option that has been beloved for more than 20 years. 

This memorable experience transports you to the City of Canals, offering a tranquil cruise in the middle of the destination’s fast-paced excitement. Looking for a romantic float for two? A group excursion to take in some Vegas sights? Here’s a look at what to expect. 

Enjoy a Gondola Ride in Las Vegas

The Venetian Resort Las Vegas replicates Venice, Italy, commonly referred to as The Floating City, in stunning detail, right down to its famed canals that snake throughout the hotel. 

On the inside track, the Las Vegas boat ride floats under the bridges of the cobblestone paved Grand Canal Shoppes. You’ll enjoy the subtle glow of street lanterns, pass by bustling cafes and have an opportunity to window shop! 

That’s not the only gondola ride Las Vegas offers, though. The resort also has an outdoor ride option, both rides spanning across half a mile of water. Unique to the outdoor Venetian gondola ride are views of both the Strip and the resort’s replicas of Venice’s most famous landmarks. Don’t forget your camera – you’ll have a unique vantage point of Doge’s Palace, the Rialto Bridge and St. Mark’s Campanile. 


Consider opting for the indoor ride if you’re looking for something more romantic. Away from the Strip and below the walkways, it’s an intimate way to experience a gondola ride in Vegas. The outdoor ride is great for families or groups – everyone can take in the bustling buzz of Las Vegas Boulevard together! 

Whatever ride you choose, remember to book early for an optimal time slot. Sunset is best for photos for the outdoor ride. Tickets can be purchased online or in person, with the outdoor ticket booth in front of Doge’s Palace and the indoor ticket booth at Emporio di Gondola on Level 2 of the Grand Canal Shoppes. This is also where your gondola ride will begin and end. 

And you’ll want to document this, right? The gondola rides at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas offer photo packages, as well – it’s a one-of-a-kind souvenir! 

Meet the Gondoliers of The Venetian’s Gondola Ride

The Venetian gondola ride experience is relevantly authentic, staying true to a traditional gondola ride. Gondoliers wear the standard uniform of a blue-striped shirt and straw hat, while steering with a long oar called a rèmo – no motor required. Still used today in Venice, this centuries-old transportation is a unique, fun experience. Plus, gondoliers are well versed in classic Italian songs, so be prepared to be serenaded! They’ll also perform a “Gondolier March” in unison twice a day along the indoor canal at 9:45 a.m. and 4:20 p.m. 

Celebrate a Special Occasion Onboard

If you’re looking for the perfect place to pop the question or to tie the knot, look no further. Couples can get married in a white wedding gondola for the perfect, intimate wedding ceremony. Or, propose mid-ride as the words “Will you marry me” are projected onto the indoor ride’s illuminated sky. No matter what you’re celebrating, a gondola ride in Las Vegas is a unique, romantic way to mark a major milestone.  

After Your Venetian Gondola Ride in Vegas

After you step off your gondola, there’s plenty to do nearby. If you were inspired by the detailed replicas during your ride, consider taking the hotel’s art and architecture tour for a closer look. Then, be sure to browse and perhaps make a few purchases at the shops based on what you saw while window shopping onboard.  


And, once you’ve tackled the attractions, it’s time for a bite to eat. Whether you took a leisurely ride, popped the question or put a ring on it, there’s a restaurant to celebrate at in Las Vegas. Check out the latest venues that opened in the destination here! Or, perhaps you’d rather see one of Las Vegas’ world-class production shows? Regardless, you’re sure to have an incredible time in the destination!