Get your share of the pie in a city known for its culinary talent. With the best of the best found here, how could Vegas’ pizza game not reign SUPREME? We’ve compiled a list of the can’t miss pizza spots, from the secret and ideal late night to the full sit-down pizza experience.  Choose one or tour them all. Slice is life!

Secret Pizza

They say the best-kept secrets are just that. But we are here to tell you about a good old-fashioned pizza counter, located down an unmarked hallway. ‘Hidden’ on the third floor of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the vintage record covers lining the hall, and a classic pinball machine in the corner will let you know you’ve found it. $4.50 gets you a sizzling hot regular slice – if you crave more, full pies are available. Secret Pizza keeps it simple and delicious: choose from pepperoni, cheese, and veggie, with select beer and soft drinks to complement. The checkered wax paper adds to the ambiance of the spice meets sweet of the slices, a New York specialty that’s found its way to The Strip. Standing room only in this “secret” spot but feel free to take your slice and explore the action; after all, that’s what a walk-up counter is for.

Flour & Barley

Brick oven pizza and craft beer, just as the name describes, is the perfect combo at this traditional pizzeria. More than just ‘zza, other Italian American favourites round out the offerings. Pizza, however, is the gem of the flagship located at The LINQ Hotel + Experience. With fresh produce delivered six days a week, the focus is on fresh local flavours. Build your own pizza or choose from an array of white and red pies that go from classic to Flour & Barley specials… looking at you ‘Farm House.’ From the restaurant’s big patio to the pickup slice window, it’s the perfect addition to your LINQ Hotel + Experience visit.

Pizza Rock

Artisan pizza meets a rock and roll mentality with 40+ beers and an epic cocktail program. Wood ovens cook up perfectly charred pizzas with tomatoes straight from Naples, Italy. Chicago, New York and Detroit style pies all find a home in this one-of-a-kind pizza spot. “Respect the craft” is its moto and the energetic atmosphere is infectious. The music may be loud but so are the tastes in this downtown destination. Sunday’s “Acoustic Brunch’ is a can’t miss surprise with delectable breakfast pizzas that put a twist on your favourite classics.

Evel Pie

Rattlesnake sausage, peppadew peppers and ‘man candy’ bacon are just some of the daring toppings on the menu at this downtown favourite named for legendary daredevil Evel Knievel. Located on Fremont Street, the late 70s inspired joint is packed with memorabilia, pinball machines and even a bronze statue of Knievel himself. From vegan and gluten free options to irreverent specials like Balls to the Wall or the Barry White Special (a four cheese, white pizza extravaganza), Evel Pie is bold, daring and fun – like its namesake. Happy hour runs from 2-6 p.m. at this not to miss downtown spot.