Life Is Beautiful, a staple of Las Vegas’ celebration of life, is a symbol of the connection that joy and creativity can create. And that’s exactly what it pulls off every September when the festival begins and brings Downtown Las Vegas to the center stage.

Here are a few things you might not know about Life Is Beautiful:

1. It's way different than any other festival you'll go to.

Set in an urban environment, the Life Is Beautiful festival is pieced into Downtown Las Vegas so perfectly that it never feels forced. Instead, it gives the city a surge of electricity that buzzes through the streets. It’s more than just music too − there is so much to see and do that you could go through the festival without seeing a single musical act and still have a great time.

2. The art program is an immersive experience with the goal to revitalize the downtown landscape.

While many “arts and music festivals” will set up installations to check out for a limited time, Life Is Beautiful makes art the connecting fiber of the festival. Artists are invited to make the city their canvas, where their works exist year-round, so Downtown Las Vegas doubles as an open-air art gallery post-festival. Shepard Fairey’s “Corporate Welfare” mural on 7th Street and Ogden Avenue and Pixel Pancho’s “The Meaning” are just a couple of the Life Is Beautiful pieces on display throughout the area.

3. The Ideas series is genuine edutainment and unique to traditional festival lineups. 

This series adds another layer of authenticity to Life Is Beautiful. Bill Nye The Science Guy and Rosario Dawson are just a couple of the storytellers who have spoken at the festival. You’ll hear some amazing stories from a variety of thinkers, doers and even comedians with the purpose to inspire and enlighten.

4. You’re guaranteed to see celebrity chefs cooking for the masses.​

Vegas is a certified food town, and Life Is Beautiful is no exception. Celebrity chefs are hanging out with you at the festival, firing up some gourmet culinary goodness. You literally don’t have enough mealtimes in the day to try all the deliciousness there.

5. The fun isn’t over after the last act plays.

The party doesn’t end when the festival does − the entire city truly lights up for Life Is Beautiful. You can experience anything from chill east Fremont bars to bumping mega-clubs that host after-parties and other events for the festival weekend.

6. There is something for everyone.

From Toto to Post Malone, and world-class cuisine to food trucks, there is so much to experience at Life Is Beautiful. You have the freedom to make it what you want, and all in the name of celebrating the beauty of life.

There it is – six reasons why you should put this one on your festival bucket list. If you can’t join us for Life Is Beautiful this year, we’ll see you next time.