Many people get so consumed by their jobs that they forget to take time to relax. While of course work is important, you should make sure you balance it with some relaxation. 

So how should you get started with some doctor-recommended R&R? Vacation is a great opportunity to jumpstart your prescription, and Las Vegas is one of the best destinations with something for everyone. Here are 5 tips to help you reap the rewards of relaxation in this city — you may even want to add extra days to a business trip to take advantage of all the city has to offer.

1. Lower Your Blood Pressure by Visiting an Art Museum
Spending time in a quiet art museum filled with beautiful paintings, drawings, and sculptures gives you a chance to experience some downtime and helps lower your blood pressure. Even though Las Vegas is known for its wild décor, the city has several art museums and galleries that will help you relax.

Some must-visit locations for viewing art include:

2. Improve Sleep Quality by Enjoying a Breathtaking Show
Las Vegas attracts some of the world’s best performers and when you’re here you can’t pass up the opportunity to see a breathtaking show in Las Vegas. The performance will enthrall your emotions and afterward, you’ll feel ready for a good night’s rest and your deepest sleep yet. 

Le Rêve at the Wynn has received awards designating it as the best production show in town. Having been in performance for over 10 years, this visual extravaganza blends music, dance, acrobatics and synchronized swimming for a surreal viewing experience you won’t forget. 

3. Reduce Chronic Pain by Getting Treatments at a Spa
Chronic pain affects about 100 million Americans. If you have chronic pain, then you know how the condition can prevent you from relaxing. It’s nearly impossible to relax when your body feels tense.

Getting a spa treatment in Las Vegas can provide some immediate relief that helps you enjoy your stay. Some of the most impressive spas in Las Vegas include:

4. Reduce Stress by Enjoying Healthy Meals
During busy meetings, you may find yourself grabbing unhealthy snacks to get through the day. Make sure you have some healthy meals to keep your body in balance. You can find healthy, amazing food at restaurants like:

5. Boost Your Confidence With a Gorgeous View
Relaxation evolves from feeling highly confident in your environment. Boost your confidence by experiencing some of the best views in Las Vegas. Some of your top options include:

Make sure you take some time to enjoy your stay in Las Vegas. Adding a few days to your trip will let you experience more of the city. It may even give you some health benefits from finding time to relax.