Episode 4: St. Patrick’s Day, the ACM Awards, hoop heaven and an inside look at Absinthe.

Top o’ the morning to you, and welcome to another edition of VEGAS ON. We’re getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day, and we’ll be covering a lot of ground this week before we reach the end of the rainbow. There’s always luck to be found in the Entertainment Capital of the World. We’ll take you behind the scenes for a closer look into the Academy of Country Music Awards, held here in Las Vegas. See what unfolded on country music’s biggest night of the year. Then, we head into New York-New York and make our way to Nine Fine Irishmen, where St. Patrick’s Day is essentially a year-round celebration. With authentic music and food, Irish eyes are always smilin’ here. Of course, the middle of March also means college basketball tournaments, and Las Vegas has your courtside seat to every buzzer-beater and bracket-buster. Catch every dazzling dunk in any of our spacious sportsbooks and put yourself in the center of the madness. Next, we’re off to Caesars Palace and Absinthe, a show that blends comedy with a touch of burlesque and some intense acrobatics. We talk to the show’s outrageous frontman, the Gazillionaire, and give you a peek inside the tent where the show is held nightly.