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You’re a self-described foodie. You’ve scoured all the best restaurants in your city. You can guess the spices of a dish in a single bite. You’ve been known to plan your trips according to the places you’ll eat.

Lucky for you, Las Vegas is a proud sponsor of foodies everywhere. And, when there’s just so many spots on your list, what better way to take on the city with more master sommeliers than anywhere else in the world by eating your way through a foodie tour?

You can tour everything − from the best brunch spots to the best beer spots. Whatever you’re hungry for, Vegas has it.

You’re into beer. Lots of it.
And no one is judging you. Tours at Sin City Brew are an awesome way to discover (and drink) throughout the city. With breweries from Henderson to Summerlin, you’ll get to see new parts of Vegas and try craft beers. Best part? Your ride is covered, so just enjoy!

You’re planning on checking out the art (and entrées) of Downtown Las Vegas.
If you’ve heard that downtown is the place to be for that local feel, the Vegas Valley Foodie Tour is for you. Frequent goers say to come hungry, as the portions are big and the diverse flavors are bigger. You’ll check out unique spots like the infamous Donut Bar and the vegan-friendly Bronze Café.

You just want to eat lots of food and be all cultured and all that stuff.
Are you the friend who will eat anything, anywhere? The Walking Gourmet’s Mystery Culinary Tour is about to be your ultimate experience. You can expect to try 12 to 15 cocktails, along with different bites of food, all while hearing about the evolution of Vegas. You can choose to start at The Venetian or Mandalay Bay. The rest, is a mystery.

You’ll eat anything, so long as a celebrity chef is preparing it.
One of Vegas’ not-so-secret secrets? We’ve got a pretty large list of celebrity chefs cooking up unique dishes. On the Las Vegas Foodie Tour from Food Tours of America, you’ll eat two-celebrity-chef crafted specialties, and hear all about the culture and cultivation of dishes. Oh, and come hungry. This is a lunch and dinner tour.

You’re a dessert-before-and-after-dinner kind of person.
Food Tours of America also has a specific Dessert Tour. Your sweet tooth is no match for a Chocolate Tasting 101 course, pastries from Paris Baguette, macaroons from Bouchon Bakery, and more.

Brunch is your favorite meal of the day.
There’s a reason that the Lip Smacking Foodie Tours was rated “Best Food/Beverage Tour Operations” by the World Food Travel Association. Whether you’re hoping to eat and enjoy bites on the Strip, or get your boozy brunch on, Lip Smacking Foodie Tours is sure to impress. For brunch lovers, clink those glasses at Herringbone, Bardot Brasserie and Lemongrass. Everything, from the best cocktails to eggs Benedict with crab, will be served.