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Now that the kids are gone, mom and dad can act out. As good parents, you probably set some ground rules around the house. Rules you had to follow ... or at least appear to follow. Here’s how to celebrate the empty nest in Vegas. And don’t feel bad about breaking a few of your own rules along the way. 

Rule to Break 1: No Parties in the House
Long gone are the days of unpacking countless bags of toys and checking for choking hazards. You’re on an adults-only Vegas vacation. Book a suite that makes you feel like it. We recommend throwing your own party in the Celebrity Suite. It’s a 1,320-square-foot hangout with a wet bar, pool table and stereo at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Rule to Break 2: Only Buy What You Need
This vacation, the only person you are shopping for is you. Try on a high-end brand you’ve always wanted to wear. Or splurge on a new, poppin’ lip color. Stitched at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has classy looks for dad. And Givenchy at Wynn Las Vegas is a much needed experience for the off-duty mom. Or, you can both give street style a whirl at Feature in Chinatown.

Rule to Break 3: No Speeding
With the kids away, your ride only needs to fit two. Bye-bye booster seats. And hello bucket seats. Race with or against your honey in an exotic sports car at SPEEDVEGAS.

Rule to Break 4: Dinner Comes Before Dessert

Breakfast may be too early when you’re off the clock. But consider waking up just before lunch to make LAVO brunch. It’s a party while you put down a chef-made, mouthwatering feast. And later, get (a huge!) dessert for dinner at Vegas’ classic eatery, The Peppermill.

Rule to Break 5: Don’t Get Close to the Edge
With no one around to watch, you can’t be a bad influence. This is your time to take some risks, to live on the edge! For a little danger and a major thrill, bungee jump off the Stratosphere Las Vegas at SkyJump.

Rule to Break 6: Always Tell the Truth
Maybe you aren’t turning 21. But who says you can’t act like it? Relive the days when getting ID’ed was presenting a badge of honor. Hit the biggest gift shop in the world, Bonanza Gift Shop on Las Vegas Boulevard for all the 21st b-day merch you can imagine.

And then, of course, you have to celebrate …


Rule to Break 7: Keep the Volume Down
Your kids have made you listen to today’s top 40 to and from school, practice, the mall, friends’ houses … everywhere. You know the pop stars better than they do. And, honestly, you kinda like it. Check out Jennifer Lopez: All I Have at Zappos Theater in Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Rule to Break: Someone Needs to Know Where You Are at All Times
J.LO is amazing. She’ll have you falling in love all over again. Do a second first date at where no one can find you at Mandalay Bay’s hidden speakeasy, 1923 Bourbon Bar. Share its signature Barrel Aged Old Fashion until you’re ready to call this thing forever − again. Then sneak off to get (re)married at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel and have the ceremony you’ve dreamt of for … the past few hours.  


Rule to Break 9: No Smoking
This is a good rule. Smoking isn’t great for you. But The Chainsmokers are. You’ll need to have a little wedding reception and nothing beats seeing The Chainsmokers at XS Nightclub in Encore Las Vegas … with your “21st” shot-glass necklaces, marriage certificate, and all.

Rule to Break 10: Don’t Stay Out Too Late
You have no obligations tomorrow. Why not stay out until breakfast? Drai’s After Hours is the place to finish up your night into the morning. Don’t worry, there’s no way you’re making curfew anyway.