Viva Las Travel. Viva Las Vegas.


Only Vegas


National Travel and Tourism Week (May 1-7, 2022)

Get into the #SpiritOfTravel

Las Vegas is a destination built on living life to the fullest, throwing caution to the wind and enjoying everything the Entertainment Capital of the World has to offer. Every experience is shaped by shows, restaurants, nightlife, sports, spas and attractions. But there is one essential piece to each Las Vegas adventure.

YOU. #OnlyYou. Without you, there is no Vegas.

Nothing is more important to us than your health and safety. Recent circumstances remind us about – and reinforce – the importance of family, community and togetherness. And while we practice social distancing and work toward a new normal, the #SpiritOfTravel is alive and well and as strong as ever, even as we eagerly await the time to be united again.

Las Vegas is excited to participate in the #VirtualRoadTrip, as part of National Travel & Tourism Week, and we invite you to join us. Share your pictures of Vegas on your social media channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Hang like you're in Vegas when you download our Zoom backgrounds. Play our Vegas Home Games on Instagram Stories and have some fun with our Vegas on the Mind Instagram filter. Check out all of our channels for live streams, such as Vegas at Home performances from our entertainers.

We can still be together – even while staying apart – when #OnlyYou celebrate the #SpiritOfTravel.