When talking about the massive CES® 2016 convention held annually in Las Vegas, the word vision usually applies to the imagination of forward-thinkers. The technological dreams that will become reality. The metaphorical "seeing into the future." 

But for Aipoly, vision has a slightly different, and very literal, application. 

The Melbourne, Australia-based company turned heads at this year's CES® 2016 with their mobile app, that uses artificial intelligence to help the blind see the world with the help of their cell phone.

By what the software sees through the camera, the app identifies objects and in essence, becomes a narrator and guide for the vision-impaired. The program describes objects, understands colors and soon will be able to assess more complex scenes such as the relationship and position between multiple objects. 

Aipoly is one of the thousands of companies that converge on Las Vegas annually to create the premier electronics and technology show on the planet. CES® 2016 is the launch pad for next-generation innovation. As a convention, it's as unconventional as they come.

Every gadget imaginable – and some you probably couldn't imagine – was on display. Among the 3,800-plus companies and 20,000-plus new products were the latest in 3D printing, sensors, wearables, robotics, automotive, smart home technologies and more. 

Take the Volkswagen BUDD-e, for example, an electric-powered minibus concept car that charges to 80 percent capacity in 15 minutes and it can go 323 miles before needing a charge. BUDD-e is also a connected smart car which open the garage door, turn off the lights in your house, and adjust your air conditioning in the car – and house – all through voice commands.

Drones were visible throughout the CES® 2016 convention floor, but there was one you couldn't miss -- the EHang 184. Why? Because unlike most unmanned drones, this one is actually made for passengers. Program where you want to go and get ready for take off, with speeds approaching 60mph. 

Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of parent company Consumer Technology Assn., said, “The products that debuted at CES® 2016 will address many of the world’s most pressing problems, making improvements in healthcare, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, entertainment, retail and beyond, while creating new markets, new opportunities and new jobs.”

And for some, maybe even a new way to see the world.