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Vegas Hot Air Sin City Balloon Rides
Vegas Hot Air Sin City Balloon Rides
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Enjoy breathtaking views with unforgettable tours. Our morning ride launches before sunrise so you can enjoy incredible views as the sun paints the sky. During cooler months, we offer late afternoon rides, right before sunset, so you experience the brilliant rays of the setting sun. Whether you are an early riser or not, you can find the perfect time for a memorable hot air balloon ride. There are all types of ways to see Vegas, but a hot air balloon ride is one of the only ways to take in 360-degree views of Red Rock Canyon and the Las Vegas Strip all in one trip. Perfect for families, couples, and friends, set off to see the sunrise over Vegas from up in the air, and then touch down on the ground and enjoy a Champagne, orange juice or mimosa toast. At Vegas Hot Air Balloon Rides, we offer a wide variety of packages, so you are sure to find the perfect experience. Our hot air balloon ride packages range from a single flier to private flights to elaborate group events.