You're about to go to a Las Vegas nightclub for the first time. You've heard all the stories and seen all the hype, and now you're ready to experience it first-hand. 

But before you get past those velvet ropes, we have some pro tips. Matt Pearson, Director of VIP Services at Tao Nightclub, gives us the deets:

1. What advice would you give a first-time club-goer to help them get inside quicker and to make the most of their first Vegas club experience?

The best option is to get a VIP table. The experience you will have as a first time guest will resonate with you for a lot longer that the sticker shock of a bottle of alcohol in Las Vegas. Show up early, don’t forget your ID, and enjoy all the wow factors Tao Group venues have to offer.

2. Are there other pointers/advice for first-time club-goers concerning etiquette, both in line and inside the club?

Be polite and it will go a long way when dealing with staff.  Don’t ask us for anything illegal, it is still illegal in Vegas and you will only get yourself removed from property. 


3. Money talks. Does offering a tip to staffers/security help someone get in faster?

It's not going to get you too far to be honest. Table service will get you expedited entry, otherwise it's best to plan ahead and get yourself on the guest list.

4. Are there certain nights that are generally better for someone to try to get into the club without making a table reservation? (Are some weeknights slower or is there a long line every night?)

You would want to go onto our website and check out the events for the weekend. Depending on the event for the night, holiday weekends, or other factors, any night has potential to be a monster in Vegas. We party just as hard on school nights as we do on weekends!

5. Is it better to talk to a club host/promoter first to get on a list, or deal directly with the club? How does that relationship really work?

Absolutely. Speaking with a host or promoter that works for the club is the best way to ensure that you will be looked after. Relationships are quick to develop as it's hospitality that drives us. They will help get your table set up, or a promoter will help get you on the list. A VIP host will be available throughout your evening and will be there to assist for the entire weekend. 

6. What are the three things every club-goer should remember to bring with them?

ID or Passport, some rad dance moves, and a set of earplugs.

7. We always hear about “industry night” parties. Are these good nights for tourists to hit the club as well?

Yes I always recommend Industry nights to my guests.They are always full of great looking people that know how to party.

8. What expectations should club goers have on celebrity-hosted nights? Are fans encouraged to show up for the red carpet and do the celebrities ever mingle with the crowd?

Good question! If it is a celebrity hosted night typically a good spot on the dance floor will get you full view of the hosted night.The red carpet is fast and can be over before you realize what all the flashes are associated with. I would say it is rare that they engage the crowd but I have seen it happen quite a bit. Just depends on how they are feeling.

9. If I’m looking to bring a group to Las Vegas and make a table reservation with bottle service, as a general rule how many people would I want in the group? Is four enough for a table? Is 12 too many?

At Tao we have the ability to set up a table from one person up to a few hundred if needed.  Most tables accommodate 6-12 people but whatever group size you have we will make it happen for you!

10. What are the rules for taking pictures and videos inside the clubs?

No GoPro’s or large camera equipment. The quality of pictures a smart phone produces these days are enough to get that social media shot you are looking for and is accepted at all our venues.
Now that you're a Vegas nightclub expert, it's time to go out and hit The Strip—the right way. With these tips you're totally prepared to have the time of your life.