Imagine you're enjoying an intimate meal at Aureole inside Mandalay Bay with your special someone. Your attention is drawn to the top of the 42-foot wine tower, where you see a Wine Angel - a girl in a harness suspended by cables who usually scales the tower to retrieve bottles for guests.

Except this time, she's holding a sign. You look closer.

"Will You Marry Me?"

One problem, though. The sign isn't for you.

"It didn't have a name," explains Eboni Lomax, who has spent more than a decade ascending and descending the massive structure. "Everyone in the restaurant saw it and the girls got excited and the guys were like, "Noooooo! I'll never forget the looks on their faces."

Eboni and Soraia Millani, the only Wine Angels at Aureole, have seen plenty from their unique vantage point. We kept them grounded just long enough to talk about a typical day in their atypical occupation:

How did you hear about and/or become interested in the position of being a Wine Angel?

Soraia: "One of my friends told me about the position. I had never seen the Wine Angels go up, so I looked on YouTube and saw Eboni and it looked so cool. So I came in and they immediately asked if I was afraid of heights.” 

What kind of training/performing background helps you?

Eboni: “The only thing is, you have to be able to fit into the harness, and you have to be comfortable going up the tower. It’s really narrow in there and the higher you go, the less slack the cables give, so you have to have a little upper body strength, too.”

What is your favorite part of the job?

Eboni: “Talking to guests. When it’s not busy, we’ll walk around. We also go up in the tower about every 15 minutes, even if it's not to get a bottle, so people can see us.”

How do your friends and family react when you describe your line of work to them?

Soraia: “My mom was like, ‘Is that safe? Are you sure?’ I am from Brazil so she has never seen me at work so I had to make sure she knew I could handle it.”

What are your top three bottles of wine?

Eboni: "Cabernet sauvignon is what we sell them most. Pinot Noir is probably second.

If you could only eat one Aureole dish the rest of your life, what would it be?

Soraia: “Filet Mignon.”

Eboni: “Beef Carpaccio.”

What’s your most memorable wine angel story?

Eboni: “I was on Oprah. They flew us out … it was a segment on dream jobs, so I got to meet Oprah. I poured her a glass of wine on the show. They were going to do was create a mock tower, but I guess they ran out of time so they just hooked up some cables. We were standing in the ceiling, waiting for her to announce us and then we just came down. I was so nervous. When she was talking to us, it was like talking to your grandma. She was so nice and sweet.”

What makes Las Vegas the perfect destination for this kind of unique attraction?

Soraia: “People come to Las Vegas because they want to feel like a VIP … they want to feel important. When you come into Aureole, that’s what we do. We make you feel like a celebrity. All of our guests are VIPs.”

When you aren’t being a wine angel, what do you like to do/where do you like to eat inside the resort? What other Las Vegas attractions do you enjoy?

Eboni: “I like to go out to eat. I think about food all the time. Most of my family lives here. My favorite shows are Ka and O.”

Red, White, or Rose?

Eboni: “White. Sauvignon Blanc.”

Soraia: “Red. Malbec.”