It doesn’t matter when you go to Las Vegas. There is always something extraordinary to do.

You can show up with no itinerary and the city will have everything ready for you. Between the array of shows, exquisite cuisines, breathtaking landscapes, and eccentric people Las Vegas is a wonder of fun. We showed up in for a weekend of adventure and left with more stories than we could remember.


It was no longer than 45 minutes before the captain announced our descent into Las Vegas.

The Strip came into view and we could see the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and larger-than-life hotels. Before we knew it, we were off the plane, luggage in hand, walking the Miracle Mile Shops in Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. There was everything you could imagine, from specialty food and jewelry, to art and clothing.


We didn’t end up buying anything, but we did try on some pretty swag $1,600 blazers. After meandering the shops, we made our way to Delano Las Vegas to check into our hotel room.

But it was more like a hotel super suite!

We initially booked a king suite at the Mandalay Bay, but switched to the Delano Las Vegas when we were offered an upgrade we couldn’t refuse. We switched to a larger room with two queen beds and a living room! Check-in was a breeze and the concierge sent us on our way through the lobby that had high ceilings to the elevators. The doors opened at floor 20 and we found our room.


Right when we opened the front door, we could see the T-Mobile Arena and Luxor Las Vegas through the living room window. At night, the Luxor beam would blast off into the sky with the rest of the Strip’s lights shimmering in the background. It was the perfect backdrop to call home for the weekend.


The first night was mellow, but we had a lot planned for the rest of the weekend!

Ready and energized to enjoy our Saturday we began with brunch at Border Grill at Mandalay Bay. You don’t get much better than all-you-can-eat tapas and all-you-can-drink mimosas, champagne or Bloody Marys. We pretty much ate one of everything on the menu, from chicken and waffles to chilaquiles and corn tamales. We spent a healthy portion of the morning/early afternoon getting our money’s worth in food and drink before heading back to the Delano Las Vegas to recharge.


By the time we headed back down to the lobby it had turned into a Prohibition themed party.

The elevator doors opened and it felt as if we transported to a bootlegger’s speakeasy. The women were wearing flapper dresses and cloche hats, and the men sported custom-fit business or Capone-styled suits. With the live jazz music, Prohibition-inspired cocktails and elegantly dressed people, it truly felt like we were in the 1920s. We tried to leave more than once, but kept getting drawn back in by the ambiance and people. Finally, we made it out of the Flapper Era and found ourselves in Downtown Las Vegas.


Las Vegas is the real city that never sleeps.

We arrived at Park on Fremont at 7 p.m. to get some food with friends and wander around Downtown. We didn’t have to travel far for anything, because so many cool places were right next to each other. We loaded up on fried pickles and Tokyo Tater Tots (crispy tots with sweet soy caramel, Sriracha aioli and toasted nori paper) before heading to the next spot across the street named Corduroy.

Sunday was full of activities.

We started out with lunch at Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar before trekking out to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Hearthstone was huge, with an open-concept dining area, delicious food, and games for guests to enjoy. Conveniently, it was on the way to Red Rock, so after we ate, it wasn’t long before we got there.


Arriving at golden hour gave us just enough time to climb around the rock valleys and up and around different bends and peaks. Each striation and layer of rock were highlighted by the colors of the sunset. At one point, we sat down and soaked in everything around us. The time we spent at Red Rock was quiet, but the landscapes spoke volumes. Sometimes, the most humbling and beautiful moments of a trip are when you are at one with nature.

We made our way back to the Strip to finish the day with Topgolf and a concert at the Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas. Smashing golf balls off the third story of Topgolf, with the Strip as our skyline, was one of the most satisfying feelings. The targets were lit up with different colors and the scores were automatically tallied if you hit in. The round went quickly, but that was OK because we had a concert to go to.


We grooved out on the dance floor to the smooth jams of Shaggy the rest of the night. He put on a high-energy show and performed every song you could possibly want to hear from his music catalog. For an artist most known for his single “It Wasn’t Me,” he had the crowd vibing, start to finish. Once the show ended, we lugged our way back to the Delano Las Vegas and packed for our flight home Monday afternoon.


Before we flew home, we stopped by the Samurai exhibition at the Bellagio Museum of Fine Art. There were full suits of armor and other items on display with a guided audio tour to listen to for more information. Once we finished at the museum, it was back to San Diego.

Las Vegas is more than nightclubs and partying. It’s a place where you can find something for every taste, and be yourself.

With society, culture, jobs, family or whatever else telling us how to be or act, Las Vegas is a place to tap into your true self. A place to let your inner child roam free and enjoy life in a way you never have before. Jump off the The STRAT Hotel, Casino & Skypod. Stay up until sunrise. Just come to Las Vegas ready to be you.