You don’t have to be up all night to have a wild time in Vegas. Even if all you do is take some necessary, relaxing me time … it’ll still be full of “OMG(s),” “This is amazing!(s)” and “You had to be there(s).” Have an insane Vegas vacay without ever having to leave your robe. Whether you are looking for the best massage in Las Vegas or just simply the best spa in Las Vegas, we’ve got the insights for you to reach your ultimate relaxation. Here are some jaw-dropping, body-melting, yes-please Vegas spa treatments to have you drifting into the universe of Zen.


Journey to Euphoria
The Spa at Encore
This is as close to euphoria anyone could imagine. Not one, but two therapists perform a synchronized massage, focusing on your head and feet. Aromatic oils alert the senses, and warm stones relax the muscles deeper. The treatment concludes with exfoliation and hydration.

Spa Gemstone Journey
The Spa & Salon at ARIA
This 100-minute stony treatment is anything but rocky road to pure bliss. Begin with a deep, relaxing warm-stone massage. Then move to a gemstone facial with a face, neck and décolleté massage. Complete the journey with a diamond-infused collagen mask. Afterward, relax in the Himalayan salt-air room (which comes with the service!) at The Spa & Salon, one of the many luxury spas in Las Vegas.


Cleopatra Golden Goddess Facial
Qua Baths & Spas at Caesars Palace
Turns out gold isn’t just for looks. It’s actually been said to have powerful antiaging properties and it’s easily absorbed into the skin. This 80-minute facial takes full advantage of 24 karat gold to repair and rehydrate damaged skin. First, cleansing; then, exfoliating; and finally, a cool, golden collagen facial massage.

The Moroccan Journey
Sahra Spa & Hammam at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

This tranquilizing journey can only be done in the hammam. (And if you’re like us and have to ask what that is …) a hammam is a Turkish-style bathhouse heated to 90 degrees with a mother stone in the center. This treatment is a ritual bathing that begins on the mother stone with a black soap scrub; then moves to a giant soap-bubble encasing within a hydra-tub; and finally, ends with a full body massage. It lasts a glorious two hours and 10 minutes.


Thai Poultice Massage
Spa at The LINQ Hotel + Experience

Your senses will be heightened to their fullest and most energetic with this poultice massage. A poultice is a warm, aromatic bundle of herbs wrapped in cloth used to massage the body. This Thai poultice treatment focuses on the relaxation of the skin and muscles while promoting the balance of natural energy. And afterward, you get to keep the herbal poultice.

Abhyanga-Shirodhara and Ultra-nurishing Cocoon
Canyon Ranch SpaClub at The Venetian and Palazzo Resort

First, the Abhyanga-Shirodhara is an 80-minute, perfect combination of the two popular treatments by one, talented therapist. The Abhyanga treatment encourages a detoxification, deep in the muscles with an herbal oil massage. Second, the Shirodhara treatment has a balancing and stimulating effect while a liquid is poured over the forehead, or “third eye.”

Next, the Ultra-nourishing Cocoon is a 50-minute experience to exfoliation and rinse of the skin, until you’re nourished enough for a calming float inside the cocoon − a kidney-shaped space that feels like a warm, wrapped blanket, drifting in a body of water.

2 hour Brilliance Facial​
Waldorf Astoria Spa

The 2 hour Brilliance Facial lightens and evens skin tones while minimizing pores through a delicate cocktail of skin-friendly acids. It’s a luxurious lift and muscle-toning treatment that has immediate effects. Not to mention, it’s in one of the top spas in Las Vegas.

Now go, unwind. Let body and mind glide into a state of total, tension-free relaxation. You deserve it.