Vegas does everything extra, so it may be no surprise to some that the city has made great strides to become more sustainable and eco-friendlier. Did you know that every streetlight, city park, community center, fire station, and public building owned by the city of Las Vegas is 100 percent powered by renewable energy? If that doesn’t surprise you, here are a few other things that may not be on your radar about Vegas’ eco scene.

Effortlessly cool and astoundingly tasty, VegeNation is a 100 percent plant-based eatery located in a chic space downtown. Beyond its commitment to locally source most of its ingredients, including beer, coffee, herbs and more, they also work with the community to create school and community gardens.  As one of only a few green restaurant certified locations in Vegas, VegeNation is taking eco-friendly eating to delicious new levels.

It’s immediately apparent when entering Harvest, Chef Roy Ellamar’s Bellagio restaurant that you don’t have to spare flavor (or color) when thriving for sustainability. From cold-pressed juices and vegetarian masterpieces to grass-fed beef and organic poultry, Harvest’s menu is comprised solely of locally sourced produce and sustainably produced meats. Chef Roy takes this commitment so seriously that he works with the farmers directly, and he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty to ensure that the food is as fresh as it gets.

The renowned complex in the heart of the Strip has been eco-friendly since it was built, but each of the decadent resorts have taken a personal commitment to continue their quest for sustainability. The entire complex is LEED certified Gold, and each of the hotels have taken care to plant only drought tolerant landscaping to use less water. ARIA boasts the world’s first fleet of limos powered by natural gas, while also adorning each guestroom with light deflecting window coverings to save power. Also, their campus is composed of materials that were diverted from the landfill and recycled.  

Vdara is part of the Green Spa Network, with all of their products free of harmful ingredients and using minimal packaging. They also use vegan nail treatments and sulfate-free hair products. Waldorf Astoria has made environmental stewardship part of their brand mission and uses both energy and water conservation efforts on its property.

Move over, In-N-Out, there’s a new secret menu in town. When visiting Wynn or neighboring Encore, each one of the property restaurants offers a not so secret plant-based menu. Each of the eateries has at least one vegan and vegetarian dish prepared to the same caliber as the rest of the menu designed by vegan chef, Tal Ronnen. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to miss out on flavor.  Wynn has also committed to green initiatives property wide, including providing natural products, using biodegradable cleaners, purchasing recycled materials, composting, sourcing sustainable products in their stores and more.

Red Rock Canyon
The best way to truly embrace the green scene is to get out into nature, and Vegas has so much beautiful desert landscape to appreciate. Red Rock Canyon, supported by the Southern Nevada Conservancy, is equal parts breathtaking and easy to explore. Your entry fee into the canyon is a contribution to the continued conservation of the majestic public lands. The majestic views and challenging hikes won’t be an experience you’ll soon forget.

Bike Share
One of the best ways to reduce your footprint is to use alternative forms of transportation, and in Vegas, getting around is as easy as riding a bike. Stop by one of the 21 stations and rent a bike for a day, a weekend or longer and explore downtown Vegas from a completely different perspective.

With this many ways to appreciate and preserve the environment in Vegas, you’ll feel even better about planning your next vacation here.