There’s an art to making a cocktail. It’s not just about the technique, it’s about the experience. And there’s no other place that can offer you an experience like Las Vegas. So, if you’re ready to live your best cocktail life, and experience something you can’t anywhere else, let’s get started.

Good for the (insta)Gram

1. Skybar
The views are gram-worthy enough on their own (23 floors up with floor-to-ceiling windows), but when you add in drinks like The Golden Leaf, Smoke & Mirrors and the Five-Star Martini, you’ve got enough to make your friends at home drool over their phones.

2. Skyfall Lounge
It all starts with a glass elevator ride to the top. Once you’re there, take it all in. 180-degree views of the city let you look out as far as the eye can see. And the experience only gets better when you pick up a menu. Try a Dust Storm or an Artificial Horizon to get things started and see where the menu takes you from there.

3. 107 SkyLounge
Here’s a tip: go here at sunset. Get a drink that looks like the sunset (the peach margarita) and feel one with the earth while you’re 107 floors above it.

Respect the Classics

1. The Laundry Room at Commonwealth
It’s a speakeasy in an old laundry room where you have to know the code to get in (seriously). You’ll want to text it a few days in advance. Once you’re in, you have to live by the code—no phones, no photos, no PDA. It’s an atmosphere you won’t find many places outside of the 1920’s, featuring bartenders that make a craft out of cocktails.

2. The Foundation Room
The Foundation Room is well versed in the classics. From a Daiquiri to a Rob Roy to an Old Fashioned, you’ll find the libation you’re looking for. And while you’re here, 63 floors up, you might as well see if the view on the balcony is everything it’s made out to be. Spoiler: it is. 

3. Downtown Cocktail Room
A self-proclaimed mixology mecca, you’ll find seasonal specialty cocktails at the Downtown Cocktail Room. Mixing seasonal flavors with rare spirits, you have the chance to try something new here, which is really kind of what Las Vegas is all about.

Specialty is their specialty

1. Squeeze
If you think pressed juice is the best juice, and best enhanced with alcoholic infusion, then put Squeeze on your must-visit list. It’s a refreshing take on the cocktail category, and will leave you feeling invigorated.

2. The Chandelier
This might be the first time you try a cocktail with Thai chili in it. But when you do, it will change your life. The scenery isn’t so bad either, with the bar spanning three floors, giving you three distinct ways to experience it.

3. Lago

Bellagio’s master mixologist infuses an Italian flair to classic cocktails with some of the most elaborate garnishes. Their signature cocktail, Lago Cocktail, is chilled with a flower ice sphere dusted in gold flakes. The Sgroppino has an edible sphere made from Prosecco, limoncello, lemon sorbet and cocoa butter resting on top of a lemon sorbet. As you let the sphere melt in your mouth, pour the glass of Prosecco over the sorbet, where else can you find a drink that comes with instructions?

And that’s just the start. There’s so much more to explore while you’re in Las Vegas. It’s what makes it such a special place. And whether it’s a drink to end the night, or get it started, here’s to all the glasses you’ll be raising when you’re in town.

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