If you’ve jumped on the Pokémon bandwagon craze as we have, obsessing over making your Pokédex the most stacked in the game, and being super protective of your neighborhood’s gym (ahem, Go Team Mystic) are some all-too-common feelings we share. We're here to help—this is our guide to being the savviest Pokémon trainer ever while you're in Vegas.

We dove to the depths of Reddit threads and scoured Facebook for crowdsourced Pokémon secrets, and here’s what we came up with:

1. Walkable public places are key.

Truly obsessed trainers probably know that the places that tend to have the rarest Pokémon and highest concentration of Pokéstops are typically large, walkable public places with some history. In Vegas this leads you to Downtown Fremont District, the campus of UNLV, and The Strip. You can easily rack up over 100 Pokéballs and tons of cool species walking around those locations. Some popular highlights are: Onyx in Downtown, Scyther near UNLV, Arbok at Flamingo (near the pool), Hitmonchan at the Encore entrance, and Chansey outside the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (Las Vegas Boulevard entrance). 

Other hot spots are: Sunset Park, Desert Breeze Park, Downtown Summerlin, Tivoli Village, Downtown Henderson, and Town Square.

2. Yes, you can catch some awesome water Pokémon in Vegas.

Rumor has it you can find a Staryu in front of Treasure Island, another at Encore Beach Club, and a collection of other water Pokémon near the Mirage volcanoBellagio fountains, and outside of the Venetian (presumably near the gondolas). Types found include: SquirtleOmanyteGoldeenKabutoPsyduckPoliwag, and even a Dratini.

3. Bring your walking shoes and an external battery.

Yes, we know Vegas is reserved for those beautiful shoes that make you feel like a baddy, but if you're serious about this Pokémon business you have to save some room in your bag for some comfy walking shoes. With some cozy kicks plus an external battery you'll be able to last long enough to score all the cool Pokémon.

4. When you're at dinner, drop a Lure Module and have them come to you.

When you're enjoying a solid meal on The Strip, be a PokéGenius and lay down an Incense to bring the Pokémon to your location—or even better, drop a Lure Module so everyone can take advantage of it. Sometimes that's all the rare Pokémon need to be discovered. Bonus: if you pick a restaurant that is also a Pokéstop you can replenish your Pokéballs every five minutes during the course of your meal. #score

5. Know your resources.

There is a ton of information coming in everyday about the game, so take advantage of it by reading up before you're in Vegas. For real-time updates you can follow the PoGo Vegas Reddit, join a Facebook group, or go out to a meet-up. The PokémonGo community is a friendly one so you're bound to run into some fellow players while you're out there. 

Now that you've got the lowdown on all things Vegas PokémonGo, it's time to hit the streets. Be safe, be prepared, be courteous, and go catch 'em all!