Go inside the world's largest "Magic: The Gathering" Grand Prix, held this year in Las Vegas. It’s one of the many "unconventional" conventions hosted in the Entertainment Capital of the World each year.

With a community of more than 12 million players, it’s no surprise that aficionados turned out in full force at the Las Vegas Convention Center for the game’s annual showcase.

It truly was quite a “gathering” of a diverse group, creating the largest – by far – "Magic: The Gathering" tournament ever produced. Just another reason why Vegas provides one and all the best convention experience you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Great experiences are always in the cards when you choose Las Vegas.

With more than 233,000 tourism employees, Vegas resorts host more than 22,000 meetings, conventions and incentive programs annually, ranging in size from 10 to over 150,000 attendees. Plan your next successful meeting in Vegas, no matter how “unconventional” it is!