Life Is Beautiful is back and we couldn't be more excited. Every year Downtown Las Vegas transforms into a haven for some of the best music lineups, artists, speakers and food out there. If you've experienced this unique festival before, you know exactly what we're talking about. If this is your first time at Life Is Beautiful: 1. Congrats! We're stoked for you. 2. Here's our list of festival do's and don'ts so you're totally prepared:

Do: PREP! Review Life Is Beautiful's festival info page so you know exactly what you're getting into. They have all the deets on where to park, what to bring and important ticketing information.

Don't: Stress over trying to see everything. Your crew should get together and map out anything you prefer to see, but music festivals never go according to plan. All is good though—let yourself fully enjoy the experience without having a strict itinerary. 

Do: Explore! Music festivals are a great way to discover some bands you've never heard of, so you may just unexpectedly find your new favorite artist. Not to mention Life Is Beautiful boasts more than just a great lineup for music—there's amazing art, food and some world-class speakers. Be adventurous and check out everything the festival has to offer.

Don't: Rely on your phone to try to meet back up with your friends. Chances are your phone will die or one of you won't have service to reach each other. We suggest picking a designated meeting spot to reconnect with your squad in case someone gets lost. But if meeting back up with your friends is a lost cause, make some new ones! That's the beauty of music festivals, everyone is there to share this amazing experience together.

Do: Wear that thing you've always wanted to wear but never was brave enough to. This is the perfect place to try a new fad! The only thing we suggest is to still be comfy and keep it lightweight—you'll be dancing all night so you'll want to stay fresh. 

Don't: Be thirsty. Drink up that H2O because being dehydrated in the middle of a music festival is never fun. You can bring empty Camelbaks, empty or sealed plastic water bottles to refill at the water stations in the festival. Also: wear sunscreen. There's no bigger buzzkill to your adorable festie outfit than a bad sunburn.

Do: Bring those important essentials—comfy shoes, a portable charger, a waterbottle, cash, your I.D. and some awesome festival shades. This way you won't have to worry about re-entry or any of that nonsense, you can just worry about having a good time.

Don't: Haul a bunch of stuff you won't want to carry in two hours when you're jamming to Chance The Rapper. Stick to the basics and keep it light so you won't regret it later.

Do: Document your experience! It always feels good to look back at your Instagram and remember all those cool things you did Life Is Beautiful. Plus you'll want to keep a list of all those new bands, artists and foodie spots you loved to look more into later.

Don't: Live through Snapchat (or Instagram Stories) the whole time. Keep it to a few slightly indistinguishable, shaky 10-second stories per act and go back to getting lost in the music.

Now that you're all prepped on our Life Is Beautiful tips, the countdown begins! Get ready for one amazing weekend in Downtown Las Vegas. Go to for more information and to purchase tickets.