Sure, we’ve all been pleasantly satisfied with a kale or Caesar salad. And we’ve all certainly enjoyed American delicacies like the burger and fries or the PB&J. But when your cravings are pushing you somewhere outside your comfort food, sink your teeth into the tastiest new restaurants Las Vegas has to offer. We’ve selected the best places to eat at right now, with some indulgent dishes you can’t (because this is Vegas and no one is allowed to ask if you’re “going to eat all that?”) experience the same way anywhere else.

Tropicana Las Vegas

Celebrity chef Robert Irvine created his version of a British pub with a menu of his favorite travel-inspired bar/comfort food, made just for Vegas.

What to Expect: You’ll want a window seat. And prepare to spend some time with the beer selection − there are 99 options.

Pro Tip: Become a regular. You’ll get a secret coin that gets you a free drink of choice every time you visit.  

What to Eat:

Appetizer: Stone-fired Shepard’s Pie
TBH … This is an entrée. But this is the dish everyone at the table has to try.

Entrée:  F&K Fondue Burger
You may actually want to use a fork and knife because this burger is covered with cheese.

Dessert: English Banoffee
Save room for this banana, caramel, cream, toffee and espresso ice cream treat.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Chef David Chang has graced the West Coast with his Korean-, Japanese- and U.S.-influenced restaurant Momofuku.

What to Expect: To crave the steamed buns for a late-night snack.

Pro Tip: Sit at the bar overlooking the food-prep station. It smells amazing. Plus, your food will be uber-fresh.

What to Eat:

Appetizer: Bigeye Tuna
Get a piece of the ocean in the middle of the desert, served with shaved foie gras and stone fruit.

Entrée: Wild King Salmon Steak
This is a smoked salmon with bonji dashi, and leeks with shoyu rye koji vinaigrette; best with your favorite white wine.

Dessert Cocktail: Seven Spice Slushie
What’s better than a slushy? A slushy with sake.  


Downtown Las Vegas

Watch Vegas icon Evel Knievel on a black and white TV. Play pinball. Eat absolutely delicious pizza. And be ready to hang out all night.

What to Expect: To feel like it’s 1975.

Pro Tip: Don’t hesitate to go alone. You’ll make friends with the bartenders.

What to Eat:

Appetizer: Garlic Deez Knots
really good portion of breadsticks with garlic and marinara.

Entrée: World-famous Snake River Special
A specialty slice of pizza with rattlesnake sausage, caramelized onion and roasted red pepper. (Honestly, who else has rattlesnake?)

(AND!) Olivia Gluten-Free John
We couldn’t pick just one. Because this deep deliciousness is another one-of-a-kind, must-have (the whole thing) pizza.

Dessert: Led Zeppole
A deep-fried street donut served with powdered sugar and honey red pepper sauce.

The Venetian Las Vegas

You can’t pass up Lorena Garcia, the first Latina chef on the Strip, and John Kunkel of 50 Eggs’ celebration of Latin cuisine from Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Peru.

What to Expect: In just a few dishes, it’ll feel like you’ve traveled around South America.  

Pro Tip: Do the Nazca Winter − a drink that involves cinnamon-scented fog.

What to Eat:

Appetizer: Fries
So many levels of delicious.

Entrée: Meyer Lemon Rotisserie Chicken
You can get half or full. But you’ll probably want the full chicken.

Dessert: Lemon Buñuelos
Crispy, zesty, chocolate-y donuts.


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

This is creator and co-founder Rainer Becker’s version of upscale, Japanese gastropub-style cuisine. The dishes are meant for sharing, but only if you want to.

What to Expect: To feel like you’re eating a tasty sculpture.

Pro Tip: Ask to be seated at the open flame robata grill. The chefs know how to entertain.

What to Eat:

Appetizer: Gindara To Ebi No Gyoza
This is prawn and black cod dumplings.

Entrée: Ainame No Koumi Yaki To Kousou
The grilled Chilean sea bass with green chili and ginger dressing.

Dessert: Green Tea and Banana Cake
A perfect end-of-dinner treat with coconut ice cream and peanut toffee sauce.


The LINQ Promenade + Experience

Vegas isn’t the only Virgil’s location. But in a town with no judgment, this is the only place you can experience the best parts of its menu completely guilt-free.

What to Expect: The live music and Vegas hospitality will keep you around a while.

Pro Tip: Don’t skimp on the sides.

What to Eat:

Appetizer: BBQ Nachos 
Nachos loaded with chicken, pork and beef brisket.

Entrée: Texas Beef Brisket
Smokey on the outside, super tender and juicy inside.

Dessert: Banana Pudding
This is everything you could ever dream of in a dessert.

MGM Grand

Morimoto is a gift to our senses. Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s restaurant is wall-to-plate, eye-popping, mouthwatering artistry.

What to Expect: Chef Morimoto bouncing around, chatting with guests.

Pro Tip: Get your camera ready. Photo ops are served with every dish.

What to Eat:

Appetizer: Sashimi 
Mix and match the sushi and sashimi you’re feeling.

Entrée: Tomahawk Rib Eye Steak
A perfectly cooked, seasoned and plated piece of meat.

Dessert: Coconut Mango
A mango parfait, coconut cake with coconut green tea sorbet.