We're kind of experts when it comes to the art of the pool party, so we fully believe that everyone must experience Vegas day life at least once. For most, heading to these parties means (in true Vegas fashion, of course) getting glammed up. But how does one get the perfect look that works for the pool party and easily transitions for some nighttime club shenanigans?

When it comes to the hair, we've got you covered. With these tips, you can have some serious #hairgoals while you're living it up in Vegas. Here's how:

Braid it up

Jorgen Nielsen, the director of operations at Recharge Salon inside Palms Casino Resort, says it’s all about the braids. Think soft, loose braids (either one big one or two French braids) for a hot daytime look.

If you want to get more playful, Nielsen suggests a little glitter to match your bathing suit. Simply put a bit of glitter on a piece of paper, dip your makeup brush into it, and swipe on your cheeks for a little sparkly blush. Or you could dap into one of the hottest hair trends right now: glitter roots. Sprinkle a little glitter on your roots and then add some more to the braid itself.

This look transfers seamlessly from day to night, too - as long as you have a curling iron handy. To achieve this stunner, start by spritzing the braid with heat protectant spray and grab a 1” to 1 ½” curling iron. Before you take your hair out of the braid, run the curling iron over the hair at the ends. Then remove the bands, and run your fingers through your hair to loosen up the curls from the braid(s). After that, flip your head upside down, shake it out and prepare to turn heads. Spray in a little dry shampoo on the roots if needed.

Feeling adventurous? Try this pro tip from Stacey Smarkere, from The Mirage Spa & Salon: fishtail your locks, or even whip up some cornrows. These look sensational in the summer sun-and-fun and lend themselves to voluminous evening waves.

Kardashian Kurls

According to Eva Zervou, lead hair stylist at Canyon Ranch SpaClub, one of the best looks to go from dayclub to nightclub are sexy Kardashian curls.

After drying your hair, grab a 1 ¼” - 1 ½” curling iron and create those luscious curls. Once you’re finished curling, shake it out and run your fingers through it. Et voila, you're ready for the dayclub.

Products recommended: Spray on heat protectant prior to curling. After the pool grab a Kerastase Carre Lissant sheet and rub it over your hair from the middle to the ends to eliminate static and add shine. Lead hair stylist Araceli Blandon from the Spa & Salon at Bellagio suggests using a little dry shampoo near the roots to refresh that look for nighttime. 

The Beehive Bun

Keep your hair off your shoulders with the high Beehive Bun, another hot look from Nielsen. To get this look, turn your head upside down and gather your hair to form a high ponytail, twisting gently into a bun on the top of your head. Then use bobby pins to secure the style. Don't use a rubber band to secure the pony—it will leave marks when you take your hair down.

When it’s time to start your night, take your hair out of the bun, and apply some dry shampoo while brushing it gently. If you’ve got a curling iron, touch up the pieces of hair around your face, giving off that desired Bohemian “just slept in” look.

If you prefer not to have those locks flowing, put your hair into a messy French braid, leaving your bangs down, or some wispy tendrils around the face.

Products recommended: Dede spray-on conditioner for wet hair used before styling, dry shampoo, and Melu Shield to protect the hair.


Wand Those Curls

If you haven’t gotten your hands on a wand, you need to! These curling irons sans-clasp work some serious curl miracles—and quick. These loose curls give a beachy look and can hold.

"It’s the perfect way to transition your look from day to night,” says The Spa & Salon at ARIA’s lead colorist Darnell Duwyenie-Hodges.

To get the perfect wand look, take random sections and wrap them around the wand. It creates loose waves that look natural yet finished. It also taps into the texture you’re already rocking and adds body and fullness to the style.

Now that you've got a handful of day-to-night styles, it's time to put them to work. Go rock Las Vegas with your perfect hair, ladies!