There's beef, and then there's Kobe. And then there's Kobe prepared by Chef Devin Hashimoto of Mizumi at Wynn Las Vegas. Check out this little demo in cooking Kobe and you'll know what we are talking about. This isn't just steak in Las Vegas. It's an experience all its own.

This world-renowned Japanese restaurant is the epitome of fine dining in Las Vegas and features classic entrees, sushi, and sashimi, robatayaki selections prepared over authentic Japanese charcoal grills and teppanyaki offerings. 

Mizumi Las Vegas itself is a sight to behold with a spectacular view of the lake. The floor-to-ceiling windows have been expanded to fuse the elegance of indoor dining with the beauty of coursing waterfalls and tranquil Japanese gardens. 

And, oh yes, there's Kobe waiting for you. 


Devin: So this is it, this is the crème de la crème, the beef of the world… Kobe beef. As you can see the beautiful marbling on here, hear the sizzle.

Sara: Do you want it kind of more on the…

Devin: …on the rare side. Wish you guys could smell this at home… amazing. It’s really tender, you just want a quick sear and we can go ahead and dip it into these sauces right here. Enjoy!

Sara: Hmm, it’s a bit softer.

Devin: Very soft because of the marbling. So Kobe beef fits right in with Vegas. It’s expensive, it’s exclusive, and we’re one of the few restaurants in the world to carry it.

Sara: It’s like beef butter!

Devin: Beef butter?


Devin: Alright, so this is robatayaki, which is Japanese BBQ grilling on binchōtan which is Japanese charcoal. I love grilling lobster because it’s definitely something different especially for robatayaki where normally items are on skewers. Doing it on the charcoal you get the smokiness. When the juices hit the charcoal, it adds a nice aroma to it.

Sara: So what’s in that sauce? That looks pretty good.

Devin: So this is a sesame soy sauce so the lobster, as you can see, is basting in it. It sits in its own juice so it gives it a nice flavor. It’s done as you can see the tail is all nice and curled up. Go ahead!

Sara: Oh, that’s a big piece!

Devin: Oh yeah… nice and tender… not chewy.

Sara: MmmHmm… the sauce is so good!

Sara: This is beautiful! Tell me about the presentation.

Kitt: Well, we wanted to design the fish in 3-D. Kind of eye level, starting from the top to bottom, from the back to the front.

Devin: Sushi sashimi: this is what it is, it’s an artwork. Again here, fresh wasabi grated along a sharkskin grater. I mean this is as rare as you can get. Fresh… on the plate… to our guests. Beautiful presentation.

Sara: This is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, just the imagination and the texture. It’s beautiful!