From Jan. 8−11, 2019, Vegas will be packed wall-to-wall with the newest and greatest technology, spanning multiple industries. Rumor has it that at CES 2019, convention-goers can expect innovations in TV, automobiles and graphics among many other surprises.

1. Things will be folded (and rolled).
Forget what you know about screens, because multiple companies will potentially be introducing new phones, TVs and computers that can be manipulated in ways you never thought possible. Imagine a laptop where you can change the screen size, a TV that can be rolled, or a phone that can fold in half. Talk about redefining portability! 

2. The future is clear.
While we’re talking about TVs, there are a few new innovations of America’s favorite screen that will change how we watch our shows. Beyond new OLED screens, the micro LED is also expected to make its debut. But if rumors hold true, we may finally see the transparent TVs that we see in all of our favorite futuristic programming. 

3. Redefine your dream car.
This year, the automotive industry will be making an impact. New strides in vehicle autonomy will be showcased, alongside in-car entertainment innovations (like a Disney and Audi collaboration), and new car styles will change the way we drive. 

4. Gaming got even more real.
Imagine if gaming got even more realistic, because it just might! A new graphics system that will make scrolling even more seamless, and frameless monitors will bring you even further into the game. On top of that, Honda is expected to showcase a new robot that will be even better at navigating the crowds. 

5. Tech up your wardrobe.
We’ve all got clothes that make us feel good, but new advances in wearable tech may make us do good. Powered Clothing, activewear fused with discreet robots, augments human strength and enables wearers an advantage, in and out of the gym. Other advances in wearable technology will help those with sight and sound disability, and enhance emotional connections. 

We’ll see you on the CES 2019 convention floor! ​