For 50 years, Vegas has hosted CES every January. Attendees rep 81 percent of the countries in the world, and they all come to Vegas for four days of scoping out the latest gadgets in technology innovation. If you're still in beta when it comes to tech, no worries—CES is awesome, even for the least techie person in the room. CES shows us the devices we're all going to be using soon, so you're bound to find some cool stuff.

Vegas has become the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technology. No other event gives new technology this depth of exposure and reach quite like CES. In a space packed with the latest in augmented reality, drones, self-driving cars, virtual reality and more, these were some of the coolest things you could find at CES 2017.

1. Launch a rocket to space with NASA’s virtual reality experience.

All those dreams of being an astronaut when you grow up come true at NASA’s CES activation. Alongside your copilot, you could launch an Orion spacecraft from the Kennedy Space Center. Here's a challenge: try not to get butterflies in your stomach when you look down during the launch.

2. Interact with 360 video on this awesome touch-enabled sphere at the Kodak PixPro booth.

This 360 sphere is an interesting way to interact with video. You’re able to spin side to side, look up and down, and zoom.

3. Experience multiplayer virtual reality games on the VR Platoon by Guangzhou NINED.

This VR Platoon changes the game when it comes to consumer virtual reality possibilities. With the capability for multiplayer gaming, this was a big hit at CES.

4. Check out these robotsdoing the robot.

These household robots showed off with a coordinated dance. Enough said.

5. Fly a drone, and then try to take it through an obstacle course.

The objective is to successfully lead this drone through an obstacle course—with the help of the booth’s host on the master controls, ready to take over at any moment. This drone is able to detect walls and other objects from 10 feet away and avoid them.

6. Race through space at Samsung’s VR activation.

The Samsung Gear VR 4-D Experience was right at the entrance of CES. It had several virtual reality games and rides, including: a space race, robot wars, a boat race and an air show. This was an exciting sneak peek to other VR possibilities for consumers.

True techie or not, there’s really no event like CES. It's basically guaranteed you'll leave with a bag full of swag and a sneak peek at the latest gadgets built for consumers. We'll see you next year for the 51st CES!