How to Experience Las Vegas

Camille Rowe [0:00:11]: There are certain things a first-timer like me must do in Vegas.

(1) Arrive in style

(2) Kiss the king

(3) Enjoy the spontaneity


(4) Make a run for it because you never know where it might take you.

Officiant: Junah, do you take Camille to be your wife?
Junah: I do.
Officiant: And Camille, do you take Junah to be your wife?
Camille: I do.
Officiant: You may now kiss your bride.


Camille Rowe [0:00:52]: Visit the Old Vegas and wander the neon signs. Before hitting the slots; give a nod to Lady Luck. 
Hit the jackpot, but know when to cool off. And take a plunge
Cruise the strip and make some friends. Because in Vegas you got to walk the walk. 

[0:01:27] See the world. Paris. New York. Egypt?
See a show or…be the show.
And when you’re ready, turn night into day. Stay up till sunrise and watch from the desert. Then hit the road.
Leave Las Vegas. Remember the good times. But come back soon.