It's 5 o'clock somewhere, sure. But don't let the clock dictate when you check out the unique Vegas beer scene. Take all the time you need and explore Las Vegas breweries you won't find anywhere else. See what we mean as Mandalay Bay's resident certified cicerone, Sarah Johnson, takes you on a Las Vegas brewery tour of some of the top beer destinations both on the Strip and downtown. Pair beer with food at Fleur by Hubert Keller, check out Velveteen Rabbit's bleeding edge mixology program that fuses cocktails with craft brews from around the globe, and much more. Be sure to head downtown to try the craft brews at Las Vegas microbreweries like Banger Brewing and the Triple 7 Brew Pub at Main Street Station. You'll also find brewery experiences off-Strip like at Tap House Las Vegas and Tacos and Beer Las Vegas. Raise a glass and enjoy a cold one in Las Vegas!


Whitney: Vegas, it's a beer town. 

Sarah: Fabulous Las Vegas. This is the big leagues for food and beverage, right.  But what people don't understand is that this is a huge beer destination and I can't wait to show you.

Whitney: I'm so excited!

Sarah: All right so we are here at Fleur by Hubert Keller which is my go-to spot for food and beer pairing. All the servers and the managers and the chefs are really keen on playing around and that's what I like to do, you know. People can get so kind of strict and structured and I think the real fun in it is just you know grabbing a few things and going on a pallet trip, on a little adventure.

We're starting with Sorachi Ace from Brooklyn for me it's a great food beer. 

Whitney: It's kind of like the Sauvignon Blanc of beers.

Sarah: I would say for sure, this will be fun to taste with this scallop. Fun with the carpaccio too. And I think the carpaccio, I know that this is going to take us into the second beer which is a Little Sumpin' Sumpin' by Lagunitas. A little bit of funk going on we're diving into more hops so there's gonna be more flavor complexity but there's a little bit of funk that's gonna tie in nicely with the parmesan and the truffle. And then we have a La Fin Du Monde; a little creamier, a little higher in alcohol so this could work well with our escargot.

We had to shake it up a little bit with an Anchor Steam Porter a lot of vanilla something luxe flavor so with the burrata alone. 

Whitney: And there's a fruitiness to it too, like in the way the coffee can have this kind of brighter note to it.

Sarah: Let's dig in.

This is my go-to spot off the strip. Definitely passionate about beer but the cocktails are to die for.

Christina: Exactly. So I will start with rye whiskey. We're gonna move on to Amaro Del Sole. A little bit of spiced habanero honey, now it's lemon, a little bit of citrus. And then we're gonna top it off with Sculpin IPA out of Ballast Point and a little bit of chili pepper on top. 

Whitney: I am so happy that Sarah brought me here and I can see why she loves it so much it really does sum up the entire kind of craft cocktail craft beer experience that was a little unexpected for me. I might be a new regular I think.