Life's a beach at Drai's in Las Vegas. And a nightclub. And a place to dance the entire night away, while creating your own fireworks. Literally.

Take a VIP tour of this triple threat party experience: Drai's Beach Club – Drai’s Nightclub – and Drai’s Afterhours at The Cromwell Hotel & Casino. Managing Partner Ryan Craig explains what makes Drai’s Las Vegas one of the top experiences in the entire world, offering panoramic partying 11 stories above the Las Vegas Strip. 

Chris Brown, J. Cole and Big Sean are among the artists you’ll find there, giving you a full concert experience within a Las Vegas nightclub.

About those fireworks: A high-end bottle service includes selecting from your own fireworks menu. Boom!


Don't want to watch the video? Here's the full transcript:

My name is Ryan Craig, and this is Drai’s Beachclub, Nightclub and After Hours. Core concept behind Drai’s was kind of taking of the partners’—there’s five of us—favorite nightclubs and experiences around the world, and kind of creating it here on the rooftop of the Cromwell.

Well Drai’s After Hours has been around for over seventeen years. So everyone wants to know what the After Hours concept brought to the rooftop is like. Then they get here, they see the view—it’s in my opinion the best view in Las Vegas. And then, when you kind of step back and you’re done watching the view, you realize that you’re in this mega club with 7,000 square feet of LED, 150 tables inside and outside, there’s two levels, there’s a great DJ booth, the sound system is phenomenal—I think it’s the best in the city. And there’s just the little attention to details at this venue. We’re the only venue that has fireworks, so you can actually, if you pay $20,000 or more for a bottle presentation, you can select your fireworks menu.

Something different that we focused on is overall guest experience. So rather than having a DJ be the focal point of our nightclub, it’s one of the focal points of our nightclub. We want the customer service, the guest experience, we want the view, we want the talent. So we have artists like The Weeknd, Chris Brown, J. Cole and Big Sean, for example—there’s a few that actually are exclusive to us in Las Vegas, and they’re a part of our Drai’s live series. So it’s a choreographed dance and full band behind them, full production and lighting and sound. It’s like you’re getting a concert experience in a nightclub. So no other club does that right now.

On this scale, you can’t do it anywhere else but Las Vegas. Miami’s phenomenal, LA’s amazing, Chicago’s awesome, New York is great, Dubai, all the cities, they’re awesome. But for what we do, this is the best city to do it in.