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D&D, sci-fi, anime and your favorite superheroes have secret lairs all around Las Vegas. And you’re allowed in. We’ve scoped out the best of the best. We challenge you to see for yourself.

Before you’re off to defeat this checklist make sure your character is on point.

  • Heddy’s & Rainbow Feather: Wanna zhuzh it up? You need some feathers. Here, you can get all kinds of feathers, in any color you can imagine. And if they don’t have a color in the store, they’ll dye it for you.
  • Black Cat Costumes & Novelties: Or maybe you’re starting from scratch. This is a good place to do it. They have hundreds of costumes, accessories and props in all sizes, so bring the fam.
  • Star Costume & Theatrical Supplies: And finally, the face and hair. This family owned and operated shop has been around Vegas for 35 years. And they’ve gotten really good at makeup and wigs.

This is where to ramp up your collection. 

  • Alternate Reality Comics: You know the selection is good when you’re buying from fellow comic-book addicts. Katherine and Ralph share their addiction with you - comic books, artwork and live music.
  • Little Shop of Magic: Buy, sell and play a game in the store born from Magic. Anyone can play. If you don’t know how to play, someone will teach you. If you do, check out its Wizarding team.
  • The Velvet Underground Las Vegas: This shop is for the comic-book elite. It has a huge collection of silver age books, and all the favorites like Wolverine, X-Men, Mutants and Spider-Man.
  • BattleZone Comics and Games: If your collection is extensive, you may need this place -tons and tons of comic books, merchandise, games and trading cards. It might be a good idea to join its subscription service so you never miss an issue of your favorite title.  
  • Rogue Toys: A store started in 2012 to give us back all those toys our moms gave away when we got “too old.” It has a vintage collection of video games, rare toys, G.I. Joes, Cabbage Patch Kids, Star Wars … the list goes on.
  • Toy Shack: Inside Neonopolis on Fremont Street, you’ll find this vintage shop with a selection of the greatest toys from the ’80s and ’90s. (And if this place looks familiar to you, it’s because it’s been on Pawn Stars!)