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Get a behind-the-scenes tour of Absinthe, the Las Vegas spectacle mixing acrobatics, comedy, and burlesque to jaw-dropping effect. Hold tight as the show’s glibly snide host, Gazillionaire, takes you through the Spiegeltent on the Roman Plaza of Caesars Palace. Inside the high-top tent is a world of wonder harkening back to the anything-goes glory days of 19th-century cabarets and traveling circuses. Look out for exhibitionists performing gymnastics atop a tower of chairs, high-wire balancing acts, and even a scantily-clad performance inside a giant balloon, among other unbelievable feats of body and talent.


Making the Show

Showing at Caesar's Palace

[0:00:02]: Hey, how’s it going? It’s me, the Gazillionaire, host of Absinthe here at Caesar’s Palace. Top show here in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas. Come on, let’s go check it out.


[0:00:18]: So here we are at the courtyard at Caesar’s Palace. We got these four guys in shorts apparently doing something here. What is this? No idea who those guys are. Flips, great. Russians…


[0:00:35]: Welcome to Absinthe! Ah, good. Billy and Emily, spinning as usual, that’s great. All right. The best part about having your own show here in Vegas is you get your own bar and your own free drinks. Thank you, Joy. Appreciate it. There she goes. I like those two, they’re dangerous. Look, look. Maxine, he’s playing on his little chairs, that’s great. Don’t hurt yourself, you’re not insured.


[0:01:10]: I don’t think his name’s Maxine.


[0:01:12]: I never bothered to learn their names. Higher! Yup, pop em up! All the way to the top. Great, finally doing something impressive. That’s how he escaped the Siberian prison.


[0:01:35]: Watch this. Forgot something! So ungrateful.


[0:01:52]: Ah, my favorite act in the show, high-wire boys. This one makes me a little nervous.


[0:02:00]: Because they could fall?


[0:02:02]: Yeah. Be careful up there, do not break a leg… of the chair. Looking good, guys.


[0:02:14]: Alright, that’s it. We’re done. There’s a thousand things to do in Vegas, being in this tent is no longer one of them. Goodbye. Go. Outta here. You look great guys. Got a couple shows tonight, we might actually get paid.