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Life Is Beautiful, Las Vegas’ celebration of life, appreciates every bit of beauty. That's exactly the vibe it pulls off every September when the festival arrives and gets all of Downtown Las Vegas dancing.

Here are some things you probably didn’t know about Life Is Beautiful:

1. It's different than any other festival you'll go to.

Situated in an urban environment, the Life Is Beautiful festival tucks its way into Downtown Las Vegas so perfectly that it never feels forced − rather it gives the city a surge of electricity that buzzes through the streets. It’s more than just music too − there is so much to do that you could honestly go through the whole day without seeing a single musical act and still have a great time.

2. They make art an immersive experience, and with the goal to invigorate the downtown landscape.

While many self-proclaimed arts and music festivals will set up a few limited art structures to check out and call it good, Life Is Beautiful takes the art part to a new level. Artists are invited to make the city their canvas. These works exist year-round, so Downtown Las Vegas doubles as an open-air art gallery post-festival. Banksy’s “Mobile Garden” and The Fat Jew/Bikismo’s “This Is So Us” are just a couple of the Life Is Beautiful pieces.

3. The Ideas series is incredibly genuine, inspiring, and unique to traditional festival lineups. 

The learning series adds a whole new layer of authenticity to Life Is Beautiful. Bill Nye The Science Guy and Rosario Dawson are just a couple of the storytellers who have spoken at the festival. You'll hear some amazing stories from a variety of thinkers, doers and speakers with the purpose to inspire and enlighten.

4. You will see celebrity chefs casually grilling outside their trailers.

Vegas is big on good eats, and Life Is Beautiful is no exception. Celebrity chefs are hanging out with you at the festival, fixing up some gourmet culinary goodness. You literally won’t have enough meals in the day to try everything delicious there.

5. The fun isn't over when the last act plays.

The party doesn’t end on the festival grounds − the entire city truly lights up for Life Is Beautiful. You can experience anything from East Fremont bars to big-time nightclubs that host after-parties and other events for the festival weekend.

6. There is something for everyone.

From Duran Duran to Kanye West, and upscale cuisine to food trucks, there is so much to explore at Life Is Beautiful. You have the freedom to make any experience you want, and all in the name of celebrating the beauty of life.

There you have it − our six reasons why you should put this one on your festival bucket list. If you couldn’t join us for Life Is Beautiful 2017, we’ll see you next year.